Setting default Joystick/Gamepad on Windows


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Jun 20, 2011
I put this here because took me too much time to find out a solution (if you can call it like that...), and maybe could be useful for someone else too.

When you have more than one Joystick/Gamepad connected to the PC them are always randomly switched, and you never know what will be the number 1...

(In my case I have an Arcade Gun and a Gamepad, and when them changes order it's a mess especially in games where you can't choose what you want to use... I'm looking at you SORR !!)


- In the START menu type "joy.cpl" and press [enter]

You'll see the list of all controllers

- press the "Advanced..." button
- select from the list the device you want as number one
- press OK and enjoy

The cool thing of joy.cpl is that you can also test/calibrate them...

I don't know if this trick can also be used to change the order of more than 2 devices, maybe setting them predefined one after another...
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The previous solution works only for games that uses that specific method to find the default joystick.

But I found out that there are many games around that uses fixed ID numbers to choose the device to use... the problem is, Windows assigns those IDs automatically when plugging/unplugging every device, and has nothing to manage them...

So, this is a very simple utility to change ID# of every joystick connected, it's called "Joystick ID# Swapper"

I give one example:
Streets of Rage Remake uses only the joysticks with ID#1 and ID#2, and that's it, so, if you have 3 gamepads and want to use the one with ID#3, you have no luck...
...unless you just remap the third gamepad as the first one with the "Joystick ID# Swapper", and the magic is done !! Now it is ID#1 and SORR will use it by default !!