Xbox 360 Thread


Istanbul Red
Apr 11, 2003
Played an XBOX 360 yesterday in Currys.....

Not impressed with the graphics to be honest...but they might have had it on a low res (at least I hope they did). I played COD and it looked better on my PC....still, an improvement over the XBOX.

What I was impressed with was the design of the pad. It is a sickening combination of the XBOX pad (button layout BUT NOT mongy roundish buttons), the PS2 pad (finally, 4 back buttons) and the Dreamcast (handles - superb). It felt slightly cheapish (plastic wise) but really comfortable.

Anyway, I pre-ordered my 360 from PLAY.COM, so I've got no chance of getting one, and if I do, it's probably going on ebay for like a grand - a week before Christmas...if someone is silly enough to pay it then I'm laughin, if they don't, I'm happy to keep the Billbox 2.
earliest i can see this arriving for me is via my brother's birthday in march, last xmas he got the xbox, one before he got a slimline ps2; but this xmas he has an ipod mini from "santa" so i know an xbox360 won't be under the tree.

personally theres no way i'll be getting any of the next-gen consoles, the benefits of little brothers are limited but notable, i'll be able to pick up a pad before getting utterly frustrated after 5 minutes (ala halo 2) and not have to waste my own money!
as screwed as the situation is over here in the states right now, I can only imagine how it's gonna be over there for you guys considering you're getting a smaller allotment.

None of the retailers here have gotten a second shipment yet. I used to work at Gamestop though and still have connections there, and word from their corporate office is there will be at least one more shipment before Xmas, most likely two, coming bi-weekly. The first of these should be in this next week.

However, they didn't receive enough on the first shipment to cover all of their preorders, so all of the second shipment are expected to go straight to preorder customers and most likely will still not be enough.

There is plenty of hope for people who didn't preorder to get theirs before Xmas thru other retailers that dont do preorders, but it won't be easy. MS is supposedly cranking the things out at full speed with people working round the clock to put them together and get them shipped, so they are promising it won't be a shortage like the PS2 was 5 years ago...
I'll be honest, when I played on Kameo a few weeks back on a demo pod, I was most impressed with the HDTV.

I think I'll save for one of those first, then go for the 360. The colour is so vivid...
no offense Mark... I've sorta 'known' you for a long time and definately think pretty highly of your oppinion, but anyone who plays Kameo and is not impressed by the literally hundreds of characters running around on the screen at once with a butter smooth frame rate.... is a pretty jaded gamer indeed.

Even if I HATED this kind of game or this game in particular, there is no denying that on a technical/performance level, there isn't a lot out there (not counting PC stuff) that is using this much power.

EDIT: unless perhaps you have played some other game that was even more technically impressive in this respect?? That's about the only way I could see someone NOT being wowed by the amount of guys this game displays at once...