Would a kit Pyra be cheaper ?


Nihilistic Mystic
Feb 28, 2014
Why would you WANT to have it as a 'kit'?
Kits, and things that are assembled from pieces (Lego, etc.), are fun.  When I think of a computer kit I mean the sort of things I linked to, not what Kev2442 described.  I think that a Pyra as a kit of the sort I think of would be a bit much, and I am guessing only the prototypes will fit that description, as it really isn't worth the cost or trouble.

I really don't see the benefit of a "kit" consisting of fully populated boards and everything ready to go, just unassembled.  Some people might still enjoy assembling it.  Even if everything is functional prior to it getting to the customer there are many things that could go wrong, and I would probably do one of the following: mess up the LCD cable due to rough handling or twisting it wrong (if like the Pandora), break the case, strip a screw hole, walk away from the unassembled Pyra for 3 seconds and return to find the cat pushing the CPU PCB on the floor where the dog is waiting to chew it up.