Wiz Will Not Boot


Jul 5, 2009
Has anyone had this problem? It has happened to my twice just today. I play around on my wiz (porting a game), turn it off, and when I go to turn it back on again it gets stuck on the "Qplus" screen, not the "Loading" one the one just before. I have to "update" the firmware just to get it to boot again. Is it a defective wiz? What could be causing it? Any ideas? Anyone experiencing this also?
Well it just happened again, picked up my wiz first thing this morning and it won't boot. It seems to be happening with greater frequency....
If your internal nand was bad, reflashing it shouldn't make any difference. But then again, GPH are known for doing weird things.

Maybe your sd card is becoming corrupt?
It's not the sd card, since it won't boot with or without the sd card in it when this happens. Didn't happen today yet. I am getting the thing to segfault sometimes when testing new code but that shouldn't affect anything, I would hope...