Frimware Noob


Still Fresh
Nov 30, 2013
So I have this wiz gp2x that i am trying to fix... when i boot my machine it gets stuck on the orange "whatever you want". I have read in other threads that this is a frimware issue, but when i download the 1.2.6 version and put on SD card and boot machine it still getting stuck on screen. I am holding down the R button. no screen is loading after...
Please help this noob
This probably means that the firmware update on the SD card is not properly recognized.

In this case, the machine displays the GPH logo, and while the R button is still being held the screen flashes every couple of seconds (system resets). Once the R button is released, it performs a regular boot (ie the "whatever you want" logo is shown).

If that is the case, then I would first check the SD card. Use an SD card (no SDHC, max 2GB) with a single partition, formated with FAT16.
Thanks for the help man, it is installing as we speak. Just changed SD, redownloaded and zipped with other source and it worked.... WOOT.