What's So Cool Aout The Ds

Aug 10, 2004
Yes, it seems that everyone is making a big event of the nintendo DS launch. I want to know what's so great about the DS (except about the tech specs, everybody knows them...). First, will it have homebrew possibilities and how will they be usable since I didn't heard of any memory cards slots or even usb connectivity... If there is homebrew how will we able to use them on the DS? Also will the homebrew scene wil be more important on DS or PSP? I want to know because I want to buy the handheld that will support more the homebrew scene!!!
It isn't so great exept if you have a lot of money to spend.
IMHO that's the case with alle consoles. The games are f*cking expensive.

$80 for a computer game? rediculous!. I always liked the homebrew scene al lot, also because it's free!.

Well if the DS had a homebrew possiblilty, it would be QUITE different.
(although i think the double screen is quite useless, it's more like a retro look design)
the DS has rewriteable media (like the GP32...) *AND* some sort of wi-fi built in...

once they get the protection cracked, cheap wireless flash carts from bung, anyone? ;)
I dont think Dual Screen is useless, even it's very useful. it can be used as keyboard, mouse (because second screen has touchscreen) or as any interface you want. :)
it's a shame about the shittyish processor speed... it's not gonna be so good for emulation... those it *can* emulate, however, will have a kick-ass virtual keyboard...

i'm thinking it could do PS1/N64 emulation decently eventually (due to hardware acceleration...) but for atari ST, GP32 will still be the king :D (unless the Zod beats it already :p)

edit: proper homebrew will kick ass ;)
Stylus and touch means it opens a world of pda apps. which'll be pretty cool.

When the homebrew scene takes off it shouldbe pretty interesting..
Stylus and touch means it opens a world of pda apps. which'll be pretty cool.

When the homebrew scene takes off it shouldbe pretty interesting..

It will make a cute little PDA, that's for sure. I'd like to see a little art APP, menu and zoom on the bottom, full screen pic on top.

Or how about an RPG, with the GM able to drop in monsters, reply to chat using the bottom screen. I think the little DS has plenty of possibilities.

Toxic: 400mhz PDA's with graphics acceleration are struggling to do PS1, let alone N64, i'm afraid the DS will never emulate these. It's fastest CPU is about 60+ mhz or so. Also it's resolution is 256x192 per screen. PS1 and N64 start at 320x240, and go up from there.
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yeah but i was figuring emu authors could use the DS's 3d acceleration, much like the snes emulator for the GBA uses *it's* hardware tricks...

edit: looked again... ah well...
Woo! twice the possibilities...

actually, if DS can load bung carts, it's a temptation...
It will not do the N64 like SNES
The GBA was a revved up SNES sort of
The DS is not a revved N64
DS wont be nice for emulators, even though it will have 3d hardware
PSP on the other hand......
but dont count on the DS for much of anything in emulators
maybe a fullspeed NES emu, but the gp32 already has one
seriously, If you want emulation certinly dont get a DS , go GP32 o that issue

And to the guy who said it will be open to a lot of PDA apps, wtf are you smoking?
your kiding right?
DS dosnt run windows CE or the Palm OS or anything like that, NO PDA APPS will work for it without a complete rewrite of the code, and I dont think many ( although atleast one will ) PDA dev'rs will spend time trying to make a SDK and then port their good to a less powerful machine


and what game costs 80 dollars for computer?
Half life 2? NO! only the collecters edition
If you dont want to spend 80, you dont have to, so be quiet
why isn't the DS a revved N64? it's an N64, but with 2 screens, right?

is it a *divided* N64?
Why are people obsessed with running emulators and other apps on every console. What's wrong with using them in the way they were intended to be used?
just emulators = 100's free games, that's all...

i expect N64 games will be released for it anyway... (maybe now I can clock paper mario...)
why isn't the DS a revved N64?  it's an N64, but with 2 screens, right?

is it a *divided* N64?

It just isn't. It has a different CPU (the N64 had a 90 Mhz MIPs) and different architecture, period. It will be able to do N64 ports, but not emulation.
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youll have to buy them, and the only damn reason SNES happened on gba is it has almost the same architecture of the snes
jeez people
Ya, there will prolly be full speed SNES with sound
but I dont even think Genesis with full speed and sound will happen , and if it does it will take a long time till then
but there will be no PS1 or N64, and some 16bit wont even be perfect
want all these emulators? quit whineing and get a laptop