Saturn Emulation on Pandora

I just wish Sega would have spent a little more money on advertising of this quality in th EU. I have a Saturn since its European launch day but never even once saw a commercial for it on German television.
hey any on know japanese cause that would be cool to actually know what that guy is singing in the music video
It's pretty much just telling you how amazing Segata Sanshiro is at Saturn games and how if you don't play the Sega Saturn on a regular basis he will hunt you down and beat you horribly regardless of your gender, age, race, or creed.
@Poem58 - If you can get one for a good price, it's worth buying the console itself. Don't wait for emulation to catch up - I suspect that it won't be able to do it justice for a little while yet.
Which is why I am sad. It's my ONLY option for the time being. If I did have expendable cash (example this week I'm working with about $25 for food, gas etc.) I would prioritize by getting a system I know I loved before one I haven't had a chance to play. Would love my Turbo Express, Home System and games back. Or even my CFW PSP, which was my last system and I miss it so (mainly for my TG16 emu and the Baseball and Grand Theft Auto games.)

The Pandora will be my games platform when it arrives. the old Dreamcast I got for my Parents came back to me, but I've already had to adjust the laser to read so it's on it's last legs. Then the Panda will be IT and likely the last real gaming type hardware I own unless I am lucky enough for Pandora2
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<snip> Currently, the only open source saturn emulator that is able to run on non-x86 platforms is Yabause, which is actually a likely candidate for a Pandora port. It has been ported to the Wii, the PSP, even the Dreamcast.</snip>

Wait, the PSP? If the PSP can do it why can't we?