What single player game have you sunk the most time into..

Without anydoubt Thief2+fm... through that represent only a tiny fraction of my Everquest playtime...
Morrowind / Oblivion / Skyrim .. all are deadly; about 150 hours to each :) A serious productivity killer..
Ah Wizardry, W8 was on some games magazine some time ago. I skipped the replay, compared to todays games it's hardcore. Can't believe that i did it once. But it was nice to see my old party again^^.

And for Morrowind, that's a 15 minutes game!

Over the years I've probably put more time into the Animal Crossing "games" (GC, Wii and DS) than any other.

Other than that probably Plants Vs Zombies on pc, XBox and iPod Touch. Invested many, many hours in completing all of those versions multiple times.
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you B******D lol, just spent the entire day after reading this playing legacy of Kain soul Reaver on the Dreamcast. but then again thank you you brought back huge memories of my youth :)

also anyone remember that game total war (does it matter what title I'm sure alot have sunk huge amounts of time playing them all) lets say for arguments sake that Rome total war was the best in the series.
i spent easily over 3000hours of my life for FinalFantasyX on my PS2.

i was obsessed to make all perfect only to defeat the "judge" without bestias :D

Off the top of my head, for single player:

Super Mario Kart

Fallout 1/2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

NHL 94

NFL Blitz 2000

Madden 2001

So the winner is probably Tetris!


Diablo 2

WoW has about 150 days worth ...
Warcraft 2... by far the most time in a single player game.. Making custom maps and trying to beat them was always fun. some took 10 hour sittings to beat.

My other top time wasters:

Jedi Knight 2 and Mysteries of the Sith expansion -played through several times..

Blood - Loved to level edit this game.

Doom and Doom II -Another game I made levels for..

Wing Commander I and II.

Tie Fighter

Diablo 2
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wow, reading some of these number, i dont feel so bad about my skyrim playtime...i guess in these parts of town, 400 hours on a single game is not that rare
I've just passed 1 year of playtime in EQ :) through that isn't a single player game
Duke3D inc. Build editor and Quake 1, played those hours on end when I was a kid

finished and in love with:

Deus Ex 1 three times

Gothic 2 + expansion three times

System Shock 2 two times

Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn) three times

Nights into Dreams (Saturn) countless times

Also, Morrowind cost me a few weeks back then, just like GTA:VC, finished once each.

POWDER (NDS, n900, Pandora) has proven to be quite addicting

ATM spending free minutes experiencing Castlevania SoTN on the Pandora, what a game. When I actually sit down in front of a console it's my Wii playing Metroid Prime. ATM looking for a SMS model 1 PSU, need to try out those 3d glasses badly :)

Online gaming has taken quite some time, too. Mainly Dark Age of Camelot (Master Alchemist anyone?), Neocron 2, somwhat later Dungeons and Dragons Online and for the past 6 years there has been EVE Online, on and off.
Metal Gear Solid!

The one and only reason why I was a bit ahead of my classmates in english classes, learned a lot of english through out the game (and several others, but none had such an impact).

Think I started to play that game when I was around 10(?), and I always needed my older brother to tell me what they were talking about :D

I recently played all the Metal Gear games, order of time period (MGS3, Peace Walker, MGS, MGS2, MGS4) and it wasn't untill now I really understood the whole plot. Especially MGS2..

But I would easily say that I used 500 hours on MGS, Psycho Mantis still freaks me out telling me I like spyro :p
Modern day, easily Left4dead.

When a child, probably super cars 2 in split screen 2 player mode, does that count?

If not then maybe the original Lemmings. Now that was a game with a long life. 120 levels.
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Probably either StarLancer or Urban Assault. I also played a lot of Goldeneye on the '64 as a kid (I could beat nearly every level on 00 agent with only a PP7 by the time I stopped playing), but I haven't revisited it at all, unlike the other two wich seem to get played every year or so.

Chess, We're talking many hours everyday since I was like 6 years.
At the risk of the thread hijack, what's your rating? I was around 1600 when I stopped playing as a kid, and I've only recently started playing again at a ~1300 level.
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well it used to be Dungeon Master (Atari ST) but I reckon my recent (last ~4 months), I have blown many many hours of my life with Minecraft. I find it so horribly addictive it's beginning to concern me. I NEED to stop...

Then again, I completed every single level on Lemmings (Amiga) and that must've blown a fair few hours.

(I really must start a new project...)
Craig reminded me of Lemmings... yeah I had a shamefully long play time on that as well.
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I put quite a lot of time into Lemmings 3D (Lemmings 4), too, come to think of it...

I never liked Lemmings 2: The Tribes as much (I feel that it's too overcomplicated compared to 1, 3, and 4), but I've recently been getting into The Lemmings Chronicles/All New World of Lemmings (Lemmings 3), and I can see myself putting a lot of time into that, as well - it's full of genius moments that remind me of the first game much more than the second. I cannot understand why Lemmings 3 is such a divisive game.
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