What have you bought recently?

Component cable for my original Wii, so i can go from 480i To 480p! I still use it for netflix and running emulators. Its really handy to be able to play Wii, Gamecube, N64, SNES, Nes, Genisis, etc all from one console and one set of controllers.

All reviews i have seen/read say it it's definately worth the $7 I spent.
a new battery lid for my gba because i want to sell it (got my sp for the occasional harvest moon: friends of mineral town session). i'll buy a new gba sp compatible battery soon because the old one has a runtime of about thirty minutes and that sucks big time :/
also, some liquid for my vapes (strawberry and lime, yum!).
just scored a Rasp Pi 2 and case and 16GB micro SD card for $50AUD.... installing retropie as i type... just formatting a USB to fat32 to transfer some games ...
also scored a logitech F710 at a local pawnbrokers for $10AUD... almost new and nothing wrong with it! its plugged into the Pi already..lol
A synthetic clarinet reed for my chalumeau that lasts and is actually plug&play

and finally a good accoustic bass guitar with guitar length I can play with my hands which sounds amazing!

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went to ikea, did not buy the whole store.
we got a whole load of lamps though, a bunch of small furniture items, and a new sofa (https://www.ikea.com/de/de/catalog/products/S79222239/ <- pretty fancy, no "sinking in" when sitting down, modular af, has a tiny table). oh, and i found two sets of bed sheets in the clearance section (original price was 30€ per set, got them for 8€) which are 100% cotton (my fav fabric), washer/dryer safe, have nice colors, and fit my blankets and pillows! :)
I bought some tiny animal figures to go along with the books and stuff I got for a gift for a friend. She liked everything. I was actually kinda worried, as I just had to guess.
For some unknown reason, I have significant communication problems with Czech people when talking about old computers, doesn't matter is it in English, Polish or Czech. When I tell them that I collect old computers and I'm looking for buying some, they, as usually, direct me here and there, to some friend who had Spectrum, uncle who got Atari or something like this... but in Czech Republic it always ends with someone giving me a typewriter for free.
If it's some junk from 1980s, OK, no problem. I know people who like these too. But now someone decided to push me a 1914 Underwood and insisted that I take it even after I stated that it may be much worth. I start to feel obliged.
I backed a translation of some ancient Greek texts and should get a book containing the translation eventually.
A net of lemons, as I do frequently. And every flipping time, after about two days, exactly one of the lemons is completely covered in mold.

I want to grab the people responsible for putting one older lemon in every net sold by the throat and not let got until I can see the sorry sparkle in their bulging eyes.
got a solar powered lamp for the balcony (i have a balcony now!!! yay!!!) and some small baskets to hold tiny items that tend to disappear in the back of drawers. i plan to buy some fabrics next because i'll set up my sewing machine soon, and i watched a gazillion videos on how to sew bags (none of my current ones fit the items i carry to work all the time correctly, so i guess i'll just sew one myself).

also, my kitchen was delivered and put together way earlier than the ikea dude said, yay! i guess someone else dropped out of the schedule :> i'm so happy that i don't have to eat takeout all the time :D
@jeeks: Congrats on the new house! Oh, and show us your bag once finished. What fabric did you use?
@kuru: I suspect it's not older, just under the others, skin getting wet and moulted. Rotate them from time to time. (or drink more lemon (drinks with alcohol or salads or just with some sugar... lemonade), make lemon pie, cook it with sugar for marmalade, make "invisible ink" or use it to clean)
well that's your problem right there. don't buy lemons, come to my house and take some from the two lemon trees out front.
@FBnil weird thing is that it happens in a large, bunched up nets where multiple fruits are below others, as well as in small nets only holding 3 -4 of those delicious bulbs of sourness equally spaced out. And it happens in every net. If I had a way of determining which of the morsels was facing impending doom I would use that one first. Guess I gotta up my hydration quota even more. 'tis lemonade indeed I squeeze their lifeblood out of them for.
@ible how did I not think of this
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got a late2006 Mac Mini for $50... has been upgraded to core2duo and 3 GB ram. it had Lion on it but i stupidly let it do a software update and now it wont boot past the prohibited screen.
well i bought it to get familiar with OS X , now i have a baptism of fire trying to get the damn thing to boot again. most of the help on the googles assumes you have another Mac to use to edit installer files or to set up a boot from... oh well it was only $50
Congrats on the new house! Oh, and show us your bag once finished. What fabric did you use?
thanks! it's just an apartment, but it's a pretty big one (and brand new, too)!
i'm not completely sure about the fabrics yet. probably faux leather for the bottom and part of the handles, something else (denim maybe? idk i need to go to the store and touch all the fabrics they have so i know which one i'll use XD) for the rest. for the lining, i'll either scout the clearance section, my "clothes i don't want anymore" pile, or get a thin cotton fabric with a nice pattern :3 i'll upload some pics of the bag when it's finished :D