What have you bought recently?

A cheap pocket knife. Intermediate quality. Pointy, so should be good for stabbing.
Some new Truck Simulator Stuff for the Gpd Win..
This is my Simulator Handheld :)
- Euro Truck Simulator 1 (cause too would be too heavy for the win)
- Bus Simulator 2012 (Hopefully this works, I didn’t try it out yet)
Ddr pads for the ps2, vcr player with many Disney movies cheap at Goodwill, and a pizza for dinner
Pizza is always a winner imo, plus PS2!
[doublepost=1526260606,1526260544][/doublepost]Wtf is a VCR player? Is it just a VCR? *Feels old*
I'm absolutely loving this VR game at the moment: this one Space Battler game. Although I suspect a complete newb at Dark Souls would have an easier time beating that game, than me on the third level.

It seems like there is this huge difficulty spike all of a sudden.
Hornby train simulator. It was old enough to have quake style software graphics, but i kinda flipped a bit when the controller on screen didn't have multiple gate switching controls like a real set.

Yeah that's right. Can't have the sim-heads eating into the real, amazing lucrative business that made them billionaires... Not.

I'm thinking this deserves a Pyra remake. With the combine engines from Half Life 2 and some sort of cyberpunk strategy game. Welcome to City 17!
Bought a XGIMI CC Aurora and a Gemini PDA, Nice at my nephews house by the fire pit.


Better pic - dark out now
You can delete your own posts, there should be a delete link between the edit and report ones at the bottom of your post.

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Ditnt work for me as I’m not a member of the board moderator Team , so I don’t have the user rights to delete..

On the German Openhandhelds Board, this works cause I’m a Moderator there..
@matzesu - Users can delete their own posts...

Or should I say at least hide them from everyone except moderators. I see a slew of embarrassing user deleted posts...
I see a slew of embarrassing user deleted posts...

Oh no, that means you've seen my nudes. :eek: I hope you rated them 10/10 btw, though 9/11 is also acceptable.

Edit: Purchased two tubes of sour cream & onion flavour Walkers Stax today because they were on special offer (2 for £2), wish I hadn't because they're crap. :mad:
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Well it’s got 2 options: delete it final, or hide it from the publik screen ..

I would like to use the third option:

Wait until enough members buy stuff and post, so my post just drown under a Ozean of new posts..

Also, now that there is lots off topic just because this post, it wouldn’t make anything better to hide it now.. ^^
Pizza is always a winner imo, plus PS2!
[doublepost=1526260606,1526260544][/doublepost]Wtf is a VCR player? Is it just a VCR? *Feels old*
Yep just a vcr. Didn't feel like paying for overpriced Disney movies and goodwill had a half of sale. So went to two different goodwill stores and now own most of the Disney classic movies that were on sale for 50 cents a movie.
i may have bought a raspberry pi and an LCD screen to put into a briefcase. we'll see how it turns out. probably should have measured twice...