What have you bought recently?

Bought a quite nicely looking early-2000s ATX case with floppy and two CD drives for an old computer, from classified ad. The only info about its history I got from previous owner was that he got it from local TV station when they thrown old things to recycling. However... I have no idea what was it used for. That's what I got:
- No mainboard. Not removed, there was never a mainboard installed. No typical scratches on mainboard mounting points, no remains of fastening or these copper/bronze things to install mainboard, no rear bracket installed and no trace that it was installed.
- Not even single factory bracket removed from slot covers. All sitting in place.
- In front, a sticker of a computer manufacturer/service which never existed.
- AT power supply inside, with power wires shorted to turn on when the power is connected. The power is fed to power LED and CD drives only - even floppy drive is not connected.
- Optical drives seem to be the only drives installed in this casing at least years ago and never replaced. Also not connected, dust on connectors, audio ones too.
- And another strange thing: Looking into drives, their optics and mechanics parts look like new. However, when I look into tray mechanism, it almost falls apart.
So for some unknown reason, someone built a machine to bang CD trays back and forth and was actually doing it!
A foldable Camping Table whit 4 Foldable Camping Stools for about 35 € at ALDI..
wasn’t planned but I thought it would be quite useful for our Unimog Tour in June..

http://www.adata.com/en/feature/441 256GB version


Edit: Ran additional benchmark to account for transfer rate fluctuations.

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Farming Simulator 2013 (Steam Gpd Win)
I played the Switch Version a lot but the big issue of this version is just the lack of Mods,
So I decided to buy a newer Version on the Gpd Win,

And now I have some diverent Unimog on my Farm,
But I play whit only one Model that got some nice features:
A controllable Driver House where you can open all Doors and Windows, detachable Front and Rear Hydraulics and you can change the „Pritsche „ ..

Im not playing that serious, I’m editet my Savegame to buy me the Gear I want.. but it’s cool that I can Open the Driver Door to enter my Unimog:)

The GPD Win slowly get my „Simulator Handheld“ ..
the FS 2013 only got one downside: there is no wood cutting in this version..
Farming Simulator 2013 on Gpd Win,

And GTA IV also on Gpd Win,
Works quite good, but I didn’t had the time to try lots of things out: it’s download 16gb was ready at midnight, I made the first few minutes on the game and had to search the internet for a offline Save Mode..

Not bad at all for a DS Size Handheld..
a kitchen with all the electronics (except the fridge because i found a better one somewhere else), countertop lighting, and drawer inserts i need from ikea.
got myself a double sink (idk i look at so much interior design shit i have a favorite type of sink now), a massive exhaust that can handle the deep-frying fumes on wing night, a carousel in the corner cabinet for my large stock pots, and trash cans that can fit into the big drawer under the sink (people stumble over our tiny organic waste bin all the time and sometimes even knock it over +o().
still a month to go until it's delivered and built though :(
@rygD Yes, 8086, but with blast processing (for a few seconds, until throttled down)!

no, forget that, the answer is:

@rygD Yes, 8086 equivalent speed, but that is the speed after it is pre-patched/immunized for Spectre and Meltdown.

For whom? For us?
Nervermind, just repackaged the circular saw, it's going back tomorrow. It's literally the only model that is no compatible to Bosch's metal guide plate but instead is the only one that needs a two-part plastic one, i.e. double crap. F Bosch and their sales policy aswell as that woman giving me advice in the shop.
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I just snagged a Blackberry Classic. Seems odd, given that even though it's not open source, and the servers are due to be switched off the end of next year, but I'm wanting to try using a less "smart" phone for a while.

Plus I've always liked the ideas of BlackBerry keyboards...