What have you bought recently?

Liar! You stole mine.

fabric. a lot of it. and some silk paper and a looong acrylic ruler.

i postponed sewing a bag a bit because 1. i found an awesome shirt sewing pattern online, and 2. i didn't want to noob around with (expensive) heavy-duty fabric. plus, one of my fav summer pants is kinda falling apart so i'll trace it onto some silk paper and make a duplicate :) i hope my skills will improve a lot so when i get to the bag making, i know wtf i'm doing :D so far i had no issues except getting confused for a second while trying to sew on the shirt's sleeves (it turned out fine), and getting bored af when i did an overlock stitch all around the seams (i don't own a serger, but now i want one because my lil machine takes ages and it looks kinda meh)
@SONY nah, a games programmer who loves to obsess over crafting-related things :D this time the start of my latest obsession (clothing/bag design) lined up with last year's christmas and my mom wondering what she should get me, so i got a sewing machine :) i hope i can reach some level of almost-professionalism though because i'd love to have a bunch of non-stretch pants that actually fit me (i guess a tall girl with big thighs+butt isn't one of the main focus groups of clothing companies) :D
I ordered this relatively quiet and low set of bagpipes over a year ago and it's finally done and arrived two days ago. It's basically a mix between a Hümmelchen and a Dudey with some addons custom made for me like a vegan bag with a rough surface, drone off-switches, chromatic fingering, chanters and drones in various keys, etc...). I even visited the workshop in the westernmost part of the country some months ago for direct checks and communication about further wishes like the third drone, third chanter and additional drone cap for a well sounding bass A:


It sounds really sweet and low and plays well.
I decided to order a poor condition copy of a 700+ page book from the UK that is over 100 years old I have been reading as an ebook. It was pretty cheap (cheaper than a new paperback reprint), and it is a great book on ancient Greek practices and beliefs, mostly regarding religion. It also has some cool pictures.
My copy of Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion. Turns out it was a library book at University College Cork in Ireland, and it has everything from its past life, including a bookplate and the return date card thingy, plus a bunch of cool stamps. It is in better condition than I expected (but could benefit from being rebound). I paid a couple dozen dollars, and it seems like this book usually sells for hundreds. Perhaps unlike others, I love old library books. I am pretty excited about it.

Off topic: I got a another book, The Greek Way of Death, as a gift for my birthday, and it is in pretty much perfect condition. It also has one of those plastic covers that protects the dust cover (I should get some of those for my other hardcovers, but I don't know what they are called).

I wish I had the attention to read these quickly, but lately I have only been able to read a page or two at a time (ADD sucks and is really starting to become a problem for me, but we are going to try treating it, then I can get back to reading a lot).
While cruising earlier today I saw that a local farmer has a vending machine for produce. He used to just have a milk vending machine, but now you can buy their eggs, milk, noodles what have you 24/7.
That's bloody awesome.
So, uh, what did you buy? This is that thread after all.
I will peruse and purchase later this week as I'm well stocked at the moment. I made a new batch of bread just yesterday and some Obazda to go with it. Try it if you love cheese!
In my drive-by I couldn't quite see if they have any meats for sale. I'd be very interested in trying that if they do. There's a small Wirtshaus in the neighbourhood that is famous for Schweinebraten. I'd assume they buy from their neighbour. The quality you get from supermarket in-house butchers sadly is sub par throughout. Having high hopes for this one since I've reduced my meat consumption by like 80%.

I guess I could share that I've bought another thinkpad usb keyboard and a speedlink vertical mouse for use at work. I bothers me not having a trackpoint and I will even deal with those flat keys if I have to.
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I just celebrated my birthday and wished for a new backpack, but instead I got some money to select one myself. So I bought a 5.11 all hazards prime backpack!

It's awesome, best backpack for that size I ever had. So much room, 1050D nylon and super rugged, very comfortable to wear even when packed full and you can see
that a lot of thought has gone into organizing and structuring the whole thing.

The backpack will hold my laptop in a padded sleeve, an extra screen, lots and lots of gear, plus antennas ready to be used for some on the go wifi/rf exploration.
Thanks to preppers and gun nuts ^^

This backpack will be with me for a long time...
Nice! I umed and ahed about the 5.11 Lima messenger bag but couldn’t justify the price so got the cheaper Viper Tactical version instead. Molle ftw!
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ALICE is a nice system but not my use case. I have several MOLLE backpacks (a huge Deuter pack for longer trips/hikes, and my fiancees EDC pack) and thus like the versatility. Just stick another MOLLE bag on your PALS webbing and everything's ready to go. If I need to transfer equipment to another pack, I can just do that without a lot of fiddling with it.
bought a bunch of zippers so i can sew my summer pants clone (i'm not a fan of pants that have buttons in the front)! :D also got three large lemons (organic so i can use the peels) for homemade lemon squares and, maybe, pickled lemon rinds if i can find a jar big enough for them. else i'll just grate the skin and store it in the freezer for later.

btw i made two shirts! (sorry for the crap lighting, i tried to adjust the spotlights with a broomstick and messed it up)

for the pants i'll take progress pics and post them in the "share your projects" thread if i can find it (idk i think it's way down the offtopic hole) :)
Weaving MOLLE stuff is a bitch. I prefer to set it up once and leave it alone unless I have a really good reason. It is convenient to slide stuff in or clip things on, though, and gives lots of points for tying things down.
A Microsoft Xbox One X, GTA V , Far Cry 6 and The Witcher III Game of the Year Edition..

I can’t say anything about this Gaming Beast yet, as I’m currently on a journey to take home our bees from a wandering stand,
But I unboxed it and started it allready
It’s now on Update,
Tomorrow evening, I will install GTA 5 and play sometime..
the Controller feels great allready, it’s reminds me on my Xbox 360 PC Controller..

I ordered today some Games for it on Amazon:
Forza 7 , Goat Simulator, Ride 2, Spintires Mudrunner, Farming Simulator 2017,