What Handheld Should I Buy ?

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Burbruee said:
Definently stay away from the DS if you want to get a handheld for emulation.
Also MAME and Snes are very slow on the PSP. The GP2X is way better there, although some games with transparency are still a bit slow, but very playable.
I personally don't like the PSP counterparts for NES or Neo-Geo. And although the PSP has a larger resolution to handle CPS2 I actually prefer the GP2X version.
GBA emulation is about as good on both systems, but PSP is of course way better on the PSP.

But go for the GP2X, better quality with some REALLY great homebrew too and the best community there is. ;)
I think everyone on this forum is being way too down on NDS as an SNES emulator. Sure, it's not great, but it's very promising...

It's certainly the best handheld for ScummVM

Well, that is true. It's also quite good for NES. (You can scale the screen with the stylus and find a good value so that the text is readable and not hard to read because of the resolution on the DS.)
SNES looks promising, but it's not quite there _yet_.
I agree about the ScummVM part, maybe we could get something as good as that though with the new F-100 GP2X?
However, when it comes down to MAME emulation, NeoGeo or Amiga I just don't see it happening on a DS.
I got rid of my DS a while back (February) so I don't really know what new emulators there are. But back then for MegaDrive/Genesis emulation it could run Sonic very slow and without sound and had a long way still to go. I heard of a new one in the GBAX 07 comp, but I haven't been able to test it out since I no longer have a DS.

I heard about the genesis emulator. I heard it's pretty good, but I'm not sure that it has sound.

I think the three major problems with DS Emulation is that it hasn't got a lot of ram, there aren't a lot of developers, and it wasn't made for homebrew development like this.

I suppose the GP2X hasn't got these problems, and hopefully I'll enjoy my GP2X's emulation capability when I get mine in the next couple weeks :D
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