So, What Do All You Nice Folks Do For A Living?



I'm a telecommunications switch technician. I work the graveyard shift in a sort of maintenence center. We get trouble cases reported by customers; T1 and T3 circuits, POTS lines, Centrex, VOIP, Internet Offload Switches, etc.

It's a pretty cool job, and I'm always learning new things, as the industry changes all the time. I have remote access to over 150 switches throughout the United States, using a SunStation and PC telnet access.

Best of all, there's plenty of 'down time' for me to play with my new girlfriend (gp32_console)
I am a metal industry worker and a SF tech support and advanced user in my free time. of course i'm a very advanced Basketball player and i have been allmost in every country of europe playing streetbasketball.

From that i love playing RPG's like Sacred/Spellforce taking my GP32 everywhere with me Hang around with many woman's and to fight boxing.

Greetings From Lord Of Fire
I'm unemployed, searching for work based training.

My previous job was a PC support technician, or 'Technical Engineer' as they called me. I however got made redundant as the company couldn't afford to employ me.
I currently have two jobs:

Technical director at a local TV station in Germany (intv, you can find it at and I own - together with a friend - a TV and film production company where I mainly do cutting, compositing and 3D stuff.
in my spare time i rid the world of vile demons from the depths of hell, and send them back to wense they came! i am much reveared from my brethren and lorned upon by sorceresses!

not really, im a student.
currently in the last year of my high school career. I'm going to be attending college in the fall and am probably going to be working in a laboratory for some extra my gp32_console has dented my wallet a bit :] B)