What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

Cool, i can remember it now from when i was a kid, my dad used to play this floyd track.
Thks for finding that Akabei!
I have to say that both versions are superb, and that Hubbard's remake is brilliantly done on the c64.

Maybe, some of you already know this story about sueing for damages.
1. Take an old C64 tune:


2. and earn millions without paying the original composer:

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I don't care, if I'm (almost) the last person posting here.
This one is just to prove Amigas influence on the Techno music, I didn't like the track too much on my own.
Jesus on E's
btw: I just spreaded the word on Rob Hubbard's excellent track on Delta to the german forum. That one really deservers a lot more than just 400+ clicks.
Once again and this time, for pure Excellence:
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C64 fans should enjoy this one below... :)

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ps. to actually embed youtube videos into this forum (rather than just displaying a link), use the following method:
I decided to post links, because I would have filled one and a half pages with my very first post. If you're just posting one or two vids, feel free to insert the media.
Here's the intro for Gods. I really like the vox synthie.
ah i remember that great GODS track. there was an amiga demo by the group Anarchy they had a remix of that track, which was really cool. here it is:
Nice thread...

I'm in on the old c64 music, i had a sidplayer that had a keyboard on the screen and about 40-50 songs... i listened to it for hours ;P.. I've tried to find it over the years but no luck... anyways, game music that i have fond memories of...

Defender of the Crown
Koronis Rift
Last Ninja
Realm of Impossibility
The Last V8
...probably many many more, these were the first to come to mind

Zelda Link to the Past
Final Fantasy 2

btw, for anyone who's interested in c64 music, a band called Mind.in.a.Box released an album a couple years ago called R.E.T.R.O. Sort of an homage to c64 music... in my opinion its a masterpiece...i'm a little biased, as they were already one of my fave bands... but to mix their music with c64 music just blew me away, its always in my cd rotation..
another one.... anyone remember a Mastertronic game called One Man & his Droid? That had probably my fave music EVER! (Hubbard.. of course) always thought it was a pretty kewl game too... sorry, i would link these things but i'm at work and youtube is blocked :angry:
Not so many Paul Norman sid tunes here. I can't even find this one on youtube, nonetheless, a little short but brilliant.
Super Huey. Press on the listen button and hopefully the doomed javascript lets you here the song.