What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?


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Mar 13, 2011
Braunschweig, Germany
I start with my Amiga and C64 favourites. I wish I'd still have my Commodore machines. :(

The first one is my No.1 C64 chiptune: Supercycle by Bob Vieira.

The next one is another C64 title called Forbidden Forest. One of those weird Cosmi games by Paul Norman. I just love the track, when you win the level and the player starts to dance.

The first Amiga song is the intro from Alien Breed II by Allister Brimble.

This one can still put a smile on my face. War has never been so much fun. Great game and great music: Cannon Fodder

Talking about Richard Joseph(rest in peace), here comes James Pond2: Codename Robocod

Though some of the Lotus III tracks made it to the clubs, I always enjoyed Lotus 2 more

Chris Huelsbeck will be my last choice for now and it's not Turrican. From intro throughout the whole game it's Apidya for me.

If you like Huelsbeck's music, don't miss Symphonic Shades. His songs played by a classical orchestra. Once again Apidya
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Hi and thanks for this thread because it brings up a lot of memories from my childhood :) My first gaming system was the Atari2600, but I cant remember a good tune from this system. My next system was a C64 with the fabulous SID chip. Back in the days I just started a game to listen to the soundtrack. On this system were many great composer but my alltime fav is Chris Huelsbeck. So here we go with my favorite tracks:

- Giana Sisters Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne-09Bs_bRo
- Grand Monster Slam Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljGBn0mSqow
- Commando http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrQuR1LHAVI
- Grand Prix Circuit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c86USvTJFso
- Monty on the run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfINgpYvfTY
- International Karate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzlK_JNuOGE

- Speedball 2 Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_oW6AOXkdE
- Lost Patrol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GHmI5ioLUg

- Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9PPzbGErKQ

There are many more great tunes, but these came directly to my mind when I saw this thread :) Btw, for those who like C64 SID music, check this side (but I guess you know it already *g*) http://www.hvsc.de/
The first track from this youtube video is one of my favorite SID tunes from the HVSC: Randy - Gabber Nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4FOyouY4qI


Damn, I have to add this one: Mini Roc - Rave On You Zappelphilipp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abo6GsqqMpI Made with a Gameboy. Brilliant!!!!
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Amiga 500
More Richard Joseph goodness.
The Chaos Engine:

Legend of Zelda:

Amiga 500
My brother and I recorded this on to tape when we were younger because we loved it so much!
Ninja Warriors:

Got to be up there as the best game soundtrack, all the music in this game is awesome.
Streets of Rage 2:

Street Fighter 2, Guile's stage:
Great Topic!

Utopia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNcg-qXil70
Yes I know video is for Amiga version but the only Snes one I can find has some high pitch Japanese girls going bonkers in the background ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMDqjWUtDdI ) :
I love the music on Comix Zone, Shinob 3 and Streets Of Rage 2 on Sega Megadrive. On 8bit I love Spellbound Dizzy, Saint Dragon & many more. On the amazing Amiga however there are too many to mention.
bubble bobble(c64)
Gemx (amiga)
Lotus challenge(amiga)
Curse of Babylon(c64)
Ultima 5 (amiga)
Avoid the Noid (c64)
contra (nes)
final fantasy 3 SNES
Please insert a url-link to your favourites. It makes this thread more accessible to someone, who's not that familiar to that kind of games.
I wonder nobody had this one in favour before: IK+ (no matter, what version they are all great)
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Akabei said:
Please insert a url-link to your favourites. It makes this thread more accessible to someone, who's not that familiar to that kind of games.

Ughh, but I'm sooo lazy.

I wonder nobody had this one in favour before: IK+ (no matter, what version they are all great)

Yep, great tune.. and game..
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Enduro Racer (C64 version)
Space Harrier
Out Run (Magical Sound Shower)
Space Crusade Title Music
Bubble Bobble
Magic Land Dizzy
Platoon (c64)
The Last Ninja (C64)
Turrican 3

Nearly Forgot
The Ocean Loader Tunes on the C64
Anything by Martin Galway on C64 OWNS!!, game soundtracks like Wizball, Parallax, Green Beret, Ocean Loaders, Arkanoid, Combat School etc.

Also anything Tim Follin done on the C64 was awesome to, like Ghouls+Ghousts, Bionic Commando..

Rub Hubbard did a lot of great C64 soundtracks as well, to many to mention. One highlight and i think it's the easily the best chiptune i have ever heard, would be Hubbards epic ingame soundtrack to Delta which runs for over 11mins, it has some amazing sounds in it that will trip you out. If you listen to anything on this list, listen to ingame C64 Delta!!

My 2nd all time fave soundtrack would be for c64 The last ninja 2, the central park level music is brilliant!

Also a lot of Amiga game music was superb as well, Turrican series, Lotus Series, Stardust, the list is endless.

For me, i think todays games have lost it when it comes to soundtracks! Apart from a few exceptions, the era of cd/dvd game soundtracks killed it for me! If i wanted a game soundtrack to sound all epic and movie like, then i will go watch a bluray movie. There is no character or story in todays game music, give me a sid tune anyday. Games just don't sound like games anymore.
Actually that's what i want to see, todays games but with chip soundtracks, imagine playing the latest Need for speed with some pumping c64 sid techno tunes in the background:) Instead of lame rock tunes or movie soundtracks. Can only dream i guess, maybe i'm just a jaded old gamer to lol.

Youtube search is your friend:) 2EZ!


PS: If you want to see something really cool, look up Ctrix on youtube, there are lots of vids there. He makes new techno music on real Amigas, Gameboys ,2600's etc, he also performs on the real machines at events, and omg it sounds so good. Ctrix is from my country, Australia! Also check out his site, his Gatari is F#$@ing wicked!-
Hansel75 said:
Rub Hubbard did a lot of great C64 soundtracks as well

You just reminded me Monty On The Run
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btw: This thread is not restricted to games.
I always used this 5 disk demo, to show my friends with a megadrive or PC, what the amiga is capable of. Heavy parallax scrolling, 3-D fractal vectors, video captured explosions, it must have taken several months for coding. Not to forget(that's why it's here) a superb soundtrack.
Odyssey by Alcatraz
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Hi all, i mentioned this in my older post here, but i thought i would post a link to it this time.

It's the ingame music for the c64 game, Delta, and it would have to be my favorite c64 track of all time.

It was composed by Rub Hubbard, and in my opinion, is technically the greatest achievement ever from an 8bit micro when it comes to sound.

I think it has some pink floyd overtones in it as well, but correct me if i'm wrong.

It's a long listen at 11 1/2mins, but it's worth every second of it.
It's more like a journey through sound.
The Sid chip is amazing in this!

Rob Hubbard - Delta C64 in-game tune-


Also these 2 links below would probably me my 2nd and 3rd favorite c64 tracks ever, both amazing-


The Last Ninja 2, Central Park-


PS: If u like these, u can download the sid versions for better quality and authenicity from various c64 music sites.