What A Spanish Bastard!!!


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Aug 28, 2003

READ the Last Part

What you really pay for is for a link to a web where you buy two cell phone booster for thirty eigth usd and get a free sony psp, sony vaio, ...

But Then Look at the BUY IT NOW PRICE €100!!!... Also you have to admit from reading the title, first lines, looking at the pictures and the buy it now price, it makes it look like you are getting a PSP, People dont normally read all the Specs as they know all about it so they will skip reading them and also about the "This is only a Link" bit...

People like that make me mad!!!!

Look at the Purchase history!!!, 4 People have already pressed Buy it now!!

Are you allowed to report these people to Ebay that sell these links ??
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Why did you find it necessary to call him a spanish bastard? Wouldn't he have been a bastard no matter what nationality?

/me detects a bit of racism.
its not suposed to be racist :p (But reading it again it does sound a bit, so mods, please edit it if you want :p)

Im just annoyed at how people get away with selling links for €100 !!!

Matt Please point me at all the Ebay threads I have made... From the Past 90 Days I have only made 2 (this one and a one about GT4) ;) :) :rolleyes: