Was the iCP2 Pyra voucher thing ever decided?


Jul 15, 2012
It is mentioned in the FAQ and I haven't been able to find any info on it on the forums. Honestly I don't think I ever even replied to the original message from kickstarter.
With the apparent release of the device somewhere around the corner, it seems a good time to sort out things like this. I've also not heard anything about it.

How much did you invest in the ICP2 out of interest? I wouldn't expect to get all of the value back, since this is at best a goodwill gesture from ED, so I don't know how worth your while sorting this out really is.
I pledged $137. Ive attached the email they sent out at the time. I guess that means I would get $73 off? seems like a lot.


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To be clear, that seems to be a message from Link who runs the US shop. He might still offer you discounts on a Pyra, but he hasn't notified anyone that I've seen that he's getting ready to stock the Pyra yet; his shop site still says he plans to, but it's said that for years now. ED might offer similar discounts, but he's legally under no responsibility to offer the same discount, but perhaps it's a reasonably indication. I wasn't familiar with what the FAQ actually says but now I read it is says that ED won't handle refunds; that needs to come from Link if he's still able to help out.