Want To See Panmame Ported To The Caanoo?

Hello everyone,
Yes, I was a bit quiet, as there was some half-finished stuff I wanted to get out of the way before compiling PanMAME.
Also real life striked me a bit the last weeks.

The Caanoo I have has a dead battery, which doesn't help to get used to the console, as I can only play with the charging cable attached. No complains here. I am very thankful to Zip :)

I did a compile of advmame though, which doesn't run and hangs the whole console, when starting. Debugging on the Caanoo is a nightmare, even over telnet, as with a complete hang you can't do much. Especially, when the code itself runs on any other platform than Caanoo.
I'm not sure, if I can make that work at all, but I'll keep trying. Maybe I can bring over some other stuff first to get used to the mechanics, but now I know why i like to do things with the Pandora more:
It is so much more convenient to have a full computer instead of a gamepad with a screen ;)

So I'll report back, if there are news, but I really can't promise anything.
If Zip wants his Caanoo back I'll send it asap. But I am in contact with him anyway to do more work on Fall to Win, his rebirth competition entry.

Cheers, mcobit
Thanks a lot mcobit, I think the community will surely wait for news from you! ;)
Thanks a lot! :D
Thanks for letting us know as you go. It seems that the thing is difficult, but hopefully you achieve to solve the problems facing these
After some talk with sebt3, I got PanMAME compiled nicely and the complete hangs are gone, but now it segfaults all over the place. Gdb tells me something about a function that loads and scales fonts but I can't see anything wrong there... The code works on Pandora and on the PC just fine.
Some other games, that were easily runable on those other platforms segfault at start, too.

The Caanoo really seems to be a bit special here...
Need more investigating and if it turns out, that it won't be possible for me, I'll send it back. But I'm not done with it yet ;)

Maybe I'm just too stupid to make this work on the Caanoo, but the sourcecode for advmame and my Pandoraport are available, so if someone else wants to try, be my guest :)

Original source:

Pandora source:

Sorry for that :(
Thanks for the reports Mcobits!
I would not know much to help other then testing, my coding skills are bellow ´porting´ things.
But I cheer! "go MCobits!"