Experiences With Your Caanoo And Other People!


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Oct 24, 2011
Hi, Firstly a joke-

Q-How do you know if someone owns an Iphone?

A-They tell You!

Ok, on with the subject matter. I just wanted to share some experiences with my caanoo since having it. And would like to hear others stories as well, as i think the more we expose the caanoo to other people, the more it will sell etc.

After i bought mine about 6mnths ago, i showed my older brother and once he saw Mame and Galaga on it, he was sold and bought one straight away.
I have also showed a few of my friends and family the caanoo, and practically everyone will say, i want one! I think i have 2 friends of mine looking at buying one soon, so after my purchase, there could be another 3 sold because i simply showed them my caanoo.

I have had some funny experiences with it, i'm sure my neighbour is wondering what the heck is going on, when i'm out on my outdoor patio playing c64 games with there Sid soundtracks blaring, lol. Or maybe he wants one to lol.

Was also funny one day when showing a friend, he said his iphone/ipad thingy could run games like that to. But then he played my caanoo, and after that he realized how much the Iphones touchscreen controls sucked, when compared to the caanoo's superb/real pad and buttons for games like Streetfighter/R-Type etc.

Another thing to impress people, is when i tell them i have 10000-15000 games/roms(32gb card) on it at any single time, there mouths drop, and if they have any interest at all in retro gaming, those 3 words are spoken once more, I want one!!

Again would like to here others experiences with the caanoo, we need to get the word out about how cool this machine is, and the best way to do that is simply to show it to someone:)

The caanoo might not be perfect, and i do tell people that to, that some emu's are still poor and there fave games might not always run perfectly. But i still love my caanoo and all that i can do with it! And the more they sell, the more support we will hopefully get all round.


GPH seems to do something very wrong with the marketing.
I doesn't regret buying my caanoo and my girlfriend wants to buy one too as soon as she got some money.
My biggest complaint is the powersupply. It always should be easy to remove (for homedemands) and to replace.
I love my Caanoo, although I don't play it much recently since I got a really nice netbook for super cheap and I've been messing with that.

I have a kinda funny story relating to a Dingoo, although I didn't get one.

When I first discovered these handheld emulators, I wanted a Dingoo. So it was around Christmas and I posted about wanting one on Facebook. A friend of mine replied and said it seemed like a silly idea and that playing emulators on the PC was good enough. I defended it by saying something about being able to play many games on the go, like Mario, etc.

Well, his wife saw my post and posted that she wanted one. She was like, "get me one and load it up with Mario games!"

He ended up getting her a Dingoo for Christmas :)

I ended up getting a Wiz since my family couldn't find a Dingoo, because the site I linked to was sold out. Even though my Wiz eventually broke, I'm glad I got one because that led me to getting a Caanoo which I love.
Oh, yes the Caanoo has proved to be so much fun!

I first only got a Wiz to load it up with Super Mario Hacks and the like, and since I saw reviews online that mentioned that the Dingoo sort of sucks at SNES emulation, I saw that the Wiz was my only choice to emulate Super Mario World.

From then on, I discovered so many other consoles and awesome games, I even had the opportunity to play some translations of awesome and obscure RPGS. It also could play some Cave bullet hell shmups, and from then on, I've became a fan, with even buying some Xbox imports.

All of the people that have seen me playing it have asked me about it, and I bet some of them became a bit jealous! When my Wiz died (lol), I immediately ordered a Caanoo, and while it doesn't have as many emulators as the Wiz, it's just as awesome.
None of my friends seem to give a crap, as they are too busy with their phones ,IPods or Ps3/Xboxes.
Whenever there are stocked caanoos around here, they sell within days.
Not everyone can buy from overseas.

I have a caanoo for some 4 months now, and am really happy with it.
Can code for it too without hassles.

Games impress friends, but the pen precision and response when drawing with graphs is quite nice.
So is the ability to milkytrack on the go.

The community is small but well dedicated, and we are not flooded with hundreds of craps apps.
I really love my caanoo, i think is one of my best console ever;
i'm very happy to have one, since febrary 2011 i enjoyed my caanoo from the first day to now :)
I was a Wiz preorderer so I had that for a while before the Caanoo hit the market. But most people I show them to like the Caanoo better because of its bigger screen.
My brother-in-law wants one and asked his wife to get him one for Christmas. Unfortunately, she bought him an HP Touchpad instead which needless to say he was less than excited about, especially when I told him that Palm OS is a dying operating system. He felt a little better though when I let him know he could install Android on it.

He's going to be helping me move in a couple of months so I'm thinking of buying him one as a thank you.
I love my Caanoo. The emulation scene sucked me about 2 years ago. I started small, bought myself a used Dingoo A320 and got HOOKED. Then I bought a new one...then the Gemei A330. The Gemei was cool, but the community couldn't really do much without Dingux capability. Then I saw the Caanoo and fell in love lol
Once I got the PC Engine Super CDs going on Temper there was no looking back! When I'm out on tour sitting around waiting at shows I play it, people come up and ask me a million questions about it. Once they see it can play damn near EVERY game they had from childhood they immediately want one too! I recently got one of the Yinlips YDG18 handhelds, and it's cool and everything...but it just doesn't control as tight. Android is sloppy and the emulators aren't as optimized and awesome as the Caanoo. Above all else, what really makes the Caanoo the best is the scene. The devs and the fans always make things interesting, there's always new and better emus and indie games, always good conversations. That's my story, I'm sticking to it!