How To Make Doom Wads


NazcaBeer Spokesman
Feb 9, 2004
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hey there everyone

I was just wondering how I can get started making doom wads so I can play them on my gp32_console .

Any help would be appreciated as I have no idea were to start.

also if it makes a difference I don't have doom for my PC

All I have is the Shareware wad of Doom 1 and a pirated wad of Doom 2. ;)

So I've got nothing to run them on my PC with.. just my GP32.
search for what? we were having a conversation about it till you said that? I'm so tired of that tired old line of search coming up when we just want to chat about an obscure topic...

ahem, don't contradict yourself. ^_^
I'm not contradicting myself... the guy asked for advise and I gave it... google is IMO the best place to find a doom wad editor... what is this? beat up worldwriter night? If I bother the board that much report me to the admins. :angry:
Best Wad making program for Doom? For mapmaking only, Wadauthor is a really good one. Need DEHACKED to put in sounds and graphics. I am always willing to answer questions about Doom wad making so just send a private message if you need help.
tekt5 > Doom Builder for map editing and Wintex for entry editing. ;)

You can find them on my site. :)
ok thanks guys i'll try these

first i'll just try the map editing.

also drummaster or any one else..
does entry editing mean stuff like changing gfx and sounds?
Yes entry editing is about sound and gfx that you can extract and modify with a graphic editor. :)
Dooms easy, then when ya get bored, jump on the band wagon and well work to learn more about Quake!
good luck to ya, If ya need help, just post, a few of us here are good with Doom builder

I'd done a couple rudimentary Quake maps... Geometrically easier, yet more complex. Hehehe.... I still have lots of pd quake maps in BSP format.

Quake editing is kinda fun....

EDIT: Just for a blast, I pulled out my old Quake Level Designer's Handbook from Cybex books (out of print, dammit) and my old Quake level tutorials CD's and took a look around. Sparked a bit of the imagination, I think I'll play around with some of them again.