Help with doom wads



Okay, Ive got loads of Doom *.WADs, but I want to clear some room.

Trouble is, in my gp:\game\doom folder, they dont show up! I can play them but they dont show up.

So,I dont wanna reformat my SMC, so how do I get rid of them (I want to keep one)
Go to pclink and go to configuration-->Mode and switch the mode,If not go to the GP:\GAME\DOOM and delete this the save file should be in a seperate place,What wads are you using?
This makes no sense. can someone help me, i downloaded the doom and i downloaded doom1.wad and put it into the doom directory. but everytime i try playing it it just says loading it won't do anything else can someone plz help
yea im using doom v8. The doom1.wad is alrdy in the DOOM folder. gpmm/DOOM. did u mean put the doom v8 into the doom folder also?