UAE4ARM erschienen,jetzt auch mit Festplattensupport


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Jan 18, 2010
Huhu im englischem Forum hat TomB das hier gepostet:
Here is a first alpha version of UAE4ARM, a new Amiga Emulator based on UAE4ALL.

Why a new version?
We reached the limit of the CPU core (FAME/C) used in UAE4ALL. It's very hard to enhance this version to enable new features. So I switched to the CPU core used in WinUAE and most other Amiga emulators. This brings us new CPU (68040), FPU (68881) and 32 bit addressing without lot of work. With this core, I was able to add the ARM JIT version of the aranym project.

What’s new in this version compared to UAE4ALL?
- 680x0 with 32 bit addressing mode
- More compatible 68000 emulation
- 68040 emulation
- FPU (68881) emulation
- JIT (only useful when using CPU speed “Fastest”)
- Auto detect Amiga ROMs
- Up to 5 HDDs (mix of folder and hardfile possible)
- Lot of new audio options (filter, stereo separation)

What have we lost with this new version?
We lost some performance, because the newcpu core is a bit slower than FAME/C and some compatibility changes and enhancements also cost us performance. It’s still possible to play A500 games with a 600MHz and lot of AGA games with a 1GHz Pandora. Maybe some AGA games still works with 600MHz Pandora with overclocking.

You can use your configuration files from UAE4ALL in UAE4ARM, but not your savestates.
Endlich gehen auch Festplattengames mit WHDLoad ;)
hier der Link zur PND: