TV-Out Cables built. Some questions about S-Video / Composite

For composite, you need tvout 1 and tvout 2. Put a 470pF capacitor to connect them.
Has anyone already compared the video quality of when using an S-Video cable compared to when using a Composite cable?
I don't recall seeing this test for the OP, but there's some tests on youtube for SNES and some other consoles that shows S-Video i clearly better.
Sooo... Is somebody else making cables for sale? or where they just one-offs?
Too late, I think. What a pity. I'm interested in buying a cable, too.

more and more requests now, even reaching me via private Email.

So now it's probably time to raise the price. ... 50 Euro? ;-)

No, seriously: I don't have parts for more cables right now. And I don't have the time right now.

Once I have time again, I will look for better cables (not that heavy and thick as the previous ones), and then I will build some Composite and maybe also S-VIdeo cables (depending on what kind of cable I can find: 3 shielded lines or 4 shielded lines).


I'm making one too and I'd like to be sure :

Is it right for a composite cable ?

I really wish, the official Cables would go so fast. Seems that useres can do this better than professional Companies. :( I guess I get my official TV cable when I'm old and grey...
No, users can't do it better. Have you seen pictures of the official cables yet? And have you seen the picture of my cable? A huge difference. :)

The official cables wil be much more convenient to use. I also hope they'll be ready soon, but OPT has more important things to do currently.
do you think we can get an update on the tv cables, it seems Evildragon was making headway but then nothing since :(

I tried to make a tv out cable twice and failed miserably! I couldn't get anything to show, just somne crackle on the screen. I'm not cut out for soldering :(