Transfer Speed Of Blu Ray Drive



Well, I hate being the messenger delivering bad news, but I still think, it's important enough to discuss about.

According to this:

PS3 will have single speed BlueRay drive that has transfer rate of 36 (Megabits per second) or 4.5 MBps (Megabytes per second). Compared to that, A 12x DVD, such as the one in the Xbox 360, transfers data at rates between 8.2 and 16.5 MBps for an average of around 13MBps. With the next generation games, the size of textures will easily quadruple and slow transfer speed will lead to longer loading time, (~3 times more in this case).

Would Sony swallow the extra cost and put 2x BluRay drive to match with 12x DVD transfer rate? I don't believe it cost 1000 but Im selling it for 100 claims. I don't believe Sony lose any more selling PSP units at $250. So, we'll see how they'll finalize their hardware for the next big battle.
umm it doesn't say anywhere that Sony "WILL" be using singles speed like you state, it says everybody "ASSUMES" that it will, and then says "IF TRUE" then goes into the details.

I don't know what your deal is with Sony, all you post about is negatives, i wish i had enough time to sit and search for negative articles about Nintendo to counter act your Sony and Microsoft negativity.

How about we just wait until the system is released then we can discuss the 3, not when the systems are still on paper.
But even IF Sony would only use Blu-Ray 1x drives, it would still be able to read DVD´s at 12x, with a higher data transfer rate?

So it would be at LEAST as fast as the 360´s drive when using the same media.
I'm thinking from the perspective of an layman when I say putting a more expensive drive in your system for a medium that holds like 100times that of a DVD that loads slower than a DVD drive seems counter intelligent.

Not being an engineer I can't speak for them but I'd suspect they wouldnt dare do something that stupid, unless they've planned som sort of Pre-casheing system so data is pulled off the RAM more often than the Disk, but that's just a theory.