Trade for a Pandora, GBAX reboot, CC units.

Hmmm, just unwrapped the spare case and wanted to get the transplantation going, but then I saw that there are no screws included... Bummer ;)

Need to find some fitting ones myself.

No problem actually, but I lost half of the original screws.
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Look at my hardwarethreads.

Also if you unscrew them a few times they won't hold tight anymore.
Damn £14 shipping for a £3.50 battery
Seeing how it's international shipping and the extra shipping concerns dealing with shipping batteries, it's actually a good deal.
Look at my hardwarethreads.

Also if you unscrew them a few times they won't hold tight anymore.
I didn't trust the amount of force it took me to remove the screws from my case, especially the two screws furthest from the hinge side, so I drilled them out.  Turned out the well they sat in was too tight and gripping the head of the screw, so once I got the case apart and got the remains of the screw head out, I wiggled a 4mm drill bit about in there (by hand) to widen the hole slightly and fitted new screws and now they go in and out easily.
Thats good to know. Will do that from the very beginning with the new case now :)
Thanks, Craigix, that was some mightily fine chocolate. I especially love the CurlyWurly bars.

Will order more if I find anything interesting, definitely will recommend your site to my good buddies.
I am one of the original funders of Pandora - I have emailed / written / PM's Craig & Evil more time than I care to remember over the last (is it 4 years) - I keep being fobbed off left & right - What does it take to get what i (in good faith) ordered all those many years ago - Has anyone taken legal advice / action on this matter I wonder ? - Well tht's anoter rant that will fall on deaf ears (But I am feeling better already) - and now talk of Pandora 2 !! - How many more of us saps are still waiting for our Pandora I wonder
Hi mabby, Did you receive the email survey recently? ED is doing his best to make sure all the old preorders get our units, it's just a slow process as new sales fund old orders. There was an initiative recently (the survey) to encourage people to upgrade at a price they could afford to speed the process up a bitty.
yep - been there / done that & had promises again and again without getting any furter

The thing that really hacks me off is that Craig has 3 units on GBAX site - surely after waiting this long, the original funders

(who without them - Pandora would not have been)

again - rant / rant / rant -

This is the first time in all the long wait that I have posted a negative on the forums (if anyone else waiting - Post)
(if anyone else waiting - Post)
They're aware of the situation, they know how much it sucks, encouraging posts to demand things will not make them move any faster. They are, quite literally, working themselves to death trying to keep the project from collapsing entirely and slowly but surely they are pulling back. The 3 you see for sale on gbax are refurbished: Craig cannot legally give these to someone who pre-ordered new.EvilDragon is the only source of new Pandoras now. His shop is completely distinct from Craig's shop, there is overlap only in so far as they worked together to produce the Pandora. EvilDragon has no further backlog, he doesn't owe anyone anything. Craig, unfortunately, still has several hundred in backlog, and this is where you sit. Craig's funds for producing Pandoras ran out some time ago. His shop is still running, he's slowly making money, and theoretically he is helping fund Pandora production which he can then ship out, but it is a slow process. At the same time EvilDragon (who, as mentioned, is free and clear of all outstanding orders and doesn't owe anyone anything) has taken it upon himself to use his own personal profits from sales of new Pandoras to build and ship to Craig's customers.

Now, I am not a lawyer, but I guarantee that if you spoke to one these are the options he would lay out and the consequences thereof:

1) continue waiting. Shit happens, shit has happened, shit will probably happen again, but they've proven the course isn't impossible and with patience you will get your Pandora eventually.

2) lawsuit. You will win, Craig will declare bankruptcy, his debts (including outstanding Pandoras) will be counted and his assets (of which there is almost none) will be used to pay those debts: in short, his queue will clear, he'll lose his company, what little money there might be in that company will pay off his debts but there absolutely will not be enough to refund you your purchase price (if he had enough money to refund people he'd just use that money to make Pandoras, n'est pas?). Everyone will lose except for the lawyer whom you would still have to pay.

This is the situation: unfortunate and unchangeable. Time and patience are the only things that'll solve this mess. And money, if someone were to throw $300'000 gratis into the company the problem would be solved, but since that isn't going to happen you're best to continue waiting.

Please note that this is not an admonishment against complaining. Complain to your hearts desire, ranting and raving makes people feel a lot better, just be aware that at the end of it all that's all it will do: make you feel better.
This was a while ago now, but the CC unit I received had a really old OS on it, and as a newbie, it took me a few days to realise that was why the system utilities were a bit glitchy and half the apps I downloaded didn't work. If there are going to be more of those for sale, I think it would be more user-friendly to upgrade the OS before sending them.

And my free chocolate wasn't British ;)