Trade for a Pandora, GBAX reboot, CC units.


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Feb 3, 2003
Hello everyone, Craig here,

Well, it's fair to say that I've had a disastrous 2013 so far, as I've alluded to in occasional online activity. It's just been one of those years.

However, business wise things are improving, we finished up the Pandora survey, the iCP2 is finally in MP (although frustratingly slowly) and I've been grabbing time here and there over the last 2 months to rewrite/relaunch, which is where everything started back in the GP32/GBA days.

Anyhow, over the years I've had many emails from people asking to trade this or that for a Pandora (or other tech) and I've based the new

GBAX on this. Like CEX etc. we will take trade ins. You can swap your Vita for a Pandora if you want to.

As mentioned else where there are some ~200 faulty CC Pandoras, about half of these can be fixed (eventually), and I'm slowly doing this. We know from the survey that these are not required for preorders.

They have/will have new nubs, cases, LCD cable etc.

I've put a few on the site @ £129 along with spares to get things moving, and I'm also back in to the importing scene and will be resuming reviews of interesting kit.

There are also some USB stick sized ARM devices there too (review coming), and we will have various promotional offers, oh and there is a 3 part competition.

I'm posting the site here first just to make sure it is working correctly and to start it up slowly.

Constructive feedback is welcome.
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$230us for a rebirth with a spare battery? That's a great deal! It's half price!

Excellent news.. you can start helping pay off your pre-order queue. *wink*

About the ICP2: When will you have a working prototype? What's the keyboard layout?
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Not bad, although the formatting is a bit shoddy on chrome on IOS..

Ordered a batt and a silver case :)

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The layout's a bit broken for me (Using Firefox 21):

Apart from that I find it a little too crouded.
Make sure you set up drop shipping for the Super Pandora 2.0 units via ED.... like right now
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This is what pisses people off, Craig appears to post something to better himself but doesn't respond to any of the dozens of questions he has been asked on the forum.
I've said this over and over:

1) Pandora preorder - answer ask Ed, I carried out the survey for him and sent him the results. I help when asked. I really don't have any control over this.

2) iCP2 - is in Mass production but the LEDs are still not all here. Michael is working on the firmware. Michael is deciding the layout as it depends on various factors which he can evaluate. I hope we can use the one voted for, or close to it.

Hijacking threads won't change these facts. It won't make things happen faster. When there are updates they are posted.
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Well it's great to see a general purpose shop like GBAX coming back and also for you to be taking positive steps forward... the site reminds me of Windows 8(Which I think says more about Win8)
Sorry to hear that you've been having problems in real life outside of these projects..

I don't know exactly what the point of your page is... if you're selling hardware like an ebay store in small amounts or is it a store with stock? or is it a trading/upgrading kind of place.

Those 200~ fault CC units... are you going to simply test them one by one and sell them yourself? (like is ED sending you spare cases/nubs and LCD cables and you'll referb them? Wouldn't it be easier just to send them all to ED?)

Forgetting about the icp/icp2/pandoras... are you looking into reviewing and selling hardware like the GCX zero and other chinese clones? That's kinda awesome.

The site is very cluttered but I like the design.
Good to hear something from you :)

But... "Sell us your tech for quick cash..." really?
I would ask whether the profits made from the new GBAX will be used exclusively to clear your Pandora preorder queue, similar to how all profits from Eds shop have been used to clear your queue for some time now (anyone please correct me if that's not true), but apparently I can't because (1) at this point I can no longer recommend anyone to become one of your customers and (2) post deletion.
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I have some constructive feedback. Under the MK808B, the description says:

Probably the best current ARM PC-on-a-Stick. Quad core A9 with 1GB of RAM. Micro SD + wifi. Plays anything you throw at it, superb media + game system. Has USB + BT for controls. Coincidently our Pandora2 & iCP2 test SoC.
There are two errors in that last sentence, see if you can spot them.

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"Coincidently our Pandora2 & iCP2 test SoC."

That's a special kind of bullshit right? or are you actually reaching for the brass ring of the allwinner ;) *eeeeeeep*
The layout's a bit broken for me (Using Firefox 21):


Apart from that I find it a little too crouded.
Confirmed here too. But "a bit" and "little too" is far too complimentarily. That is a mess.

I'm not sure what the correct translation of my first impression is, ugly, repulsive, i was repelled.

It looks crowded and the background text overlayed by content text isn't easy to read.

Imho you should hide it immediately, the less people see it the better...

Firefox is not an uncommon browser.
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