There Will Be 2 Consoles Xgp And Gpx2


May 26, 2003
DaveC posted on Aug 2 2005 at 05:27 PM said:
More colors are not always needed so that is why I hope there will be different graphics modes. This will be needed for some of the tougher emus like NeoGeo etc. for speed.

Computers all have OSs like linux etc. Right but the key word here is "computers". Computers aren't limited to 200 MHz and 32 Megs of RAM either now days. Having linux eating up CPU and memory may lead to slower emulation as compared to what would be possible with no OS. This may mean the difference between a playable GBA emu and one that is a choppy mess.

There is no reason why it will not allow different color depths, but really being limited to 256 for development, is very painful. Having the ability to shift around more colors is an advantage not a disadvantage.

The key words here are "nower days". Computers have had OS's on Computers for 20 years on machines nothing like as serious as the GPX2, My parents still use a machine of a lower spec than that of the GPx2, and it serves their uses very nicely. In reality because of the nature of linux, you can run a current operating system newer than XP on it, and take advantage of those features, Reiserfs anyone..

Some will want Linux to get out of the way, and access the hardware directly, and they should be able to do so, but I suspect most people will like a standard well documented way of accessing the hardware, through a popular interface.
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