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I had my hairs cut yesterday!! I hadn't had time to have it cut for months and it had ended up with my fringe being chin length. Now it's the shortest I've had it since I was at college yyyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrsssssssssssss ago. Still longer than most guys though :p
I just came back from finncon, the largest science fiction con around here. I only saw a discussion on the hugo awards (they went through the list of nominees for many categories) and alastair reynolds guest of honor speech. But I'll go back tomorrow. Unsurprisingly the animecon which was in the same area was huge and there were teens cosplaying everywere. Well, I said unsurprisingly, but I would have been surprised fifteen years ago when I saw anime for the first time if I would have been told how huge it would become.
tim0391 said:
My village has swine flu :(
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A big summer camp in Pennsylvania had to send kids home about a week early because somewhere around 10% of the kids (there were about 500 total) got Influenza A, of which H1N1 is a subset. Scary.
xnopasaranx said:
Who knows what fertilizer or insecticides they use, what kind of soil etc. etc. etc. For all I know it might have been grown in some old warehouse with soil from some dump, containing led or the likes
In this case, you know very little. Bigtime growers know their stuff. They will use top soil or hydroponics. The real contaminants get added as the weed pases down the road. Of course in the case of the lead lacing, the lead got added by the growers but i think this is some kind of conspiracy to demonize cannabis.
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Fishbong said:
i think this is some kind of conspiracy to demonize cannabis.

Of course you do, you're a paranoid stoner. ;)
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