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Mar 4, 2003
Wow, that was fast - a few days ago I was talking about Facebook buying the Oculus, and now a few days later Facebook offers to buy OpenPandora GmbH and help out with the Pyra (of course, we're not as expensive as Oculus...).

Apparently, Mark heard from Palmer about the Pyra.

I've spoken with Mark and it totally makes sense to me.

When using the Oculus, you can't use your mobile phone to chat on the planned Facebook-VR - as you can't blindtype on a virtual keyboard.

The Pyra would be perfect for mobile Facebook-VR, as you can learn to type blind on its hardware keyboard.

Special markings you can feel with your fingers will make that more easy.

It's a perfect addition to the virtual Facebook world. It enables the user to type comments and timeline entries as he is used to it.

But it's also awesome for gaming: Imagine virtual Farmville when you can meet others and actually chat with them.

And it will enrich your virtual life as well!

Imagine taking your Avatar to a virtual barber shop to get a new hair cut.

If you're the barber, you can use the nubs and the controls to cut the hair while doing the usual smalltalk with the keyboard.

If you're the customer, you can use the nubs to move your hands and grab a coffee or read a magazine, while the keyboard can be used for smalltalk as well.

The possibilities would be endless - the Pyra would be a perfect companion to the Oculus and Facebook VR.

The fact that the Pyra actually opens like a BOOK is a neat addition as well.

Of course, it means the unit would be Facebook Blue and would probably be renamed to Facebook Pyra, but that's what you probably would've expected anyways.

The deal is not yet set, as I wanted to get opinions from the community first.

It would give us a lot of capital, so I could drink even more coffee than I alread do :D

Let me know your ideas :)
Sounds great, I can't wait to use the oculus and pyra simultaneously while driving to work. But where's the voice command bit? Did you left that part out, or is it some kind of premium member only deal?
YES! We can finally play Spheres of Chaos in VR!

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Ahh its fake, people can type blindly on a touchscreen keyboard
It comes off more like sarcasm than something even trying to be serious.

I remember once, ED did an April fools for the Pandora and it ended up happening.  So be careful of this crafty fellow.
Oh, do tell. Unless this is another joke.
Just to entertain this, only benefit for me would be Pyra would be significantly cheaper.

Cons being Facebook reputation and ED possibly losing control over and direction of the project.

Oculus would be better off using motion controls. Like a MetaPro for VR.
OMG blue Pyra with FB logo o_O

"Friends who used the same password on pyra used also:" ...
Nice joke xD

Hmm, i dont like this idea, even if the pyra can get more cheaper and faster released.. i like the idea that "the community" create this device :)
I've not played this Farmville, but hear it's decent... I'd love to get this on my Pandora!

Make it happen ED :) :)
This solves many of the firmware design issues - which distro to use, how to improve the PND system, etc. Now we can just ship it with a minimal firmware which boots to a web browser, hardcoded to the URL It can be a pretty simple, full-screen browser -- and of course plug-ins like ad-block are not allowed, so we don't need to provide a mechanism to enable those. More importantly, we don't need a PND system, facebook already has excellent built-in support for all kinds of fun apps and games. We basically get a huge library of very popular games for free! It's a win-win!