Release The Pixel Has You - Disk 1-


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Jan 8, 2009
I have packaged along with a fresh recompile of AGS engine (v thanks to @ptitSeb for his help ) this Point&Click Adventure game made by Daniele & Davide Spadoni.

Download here:
The Pixel Has You - Disk 1-


F7 - Restore game
F5 - Save game
F9 - Quit game

I recommend to made a savegame at first level (so don't need to wait and reload all the beautiful but a bit longer) intro.

Version 1 of pnd: AGS was using software mode so was a bit slow and run in a window.

Version 2 of pnd: Now AGS is running using OpenGL (with GL4ES by ptitSeb) and run with more speed of rendering and in fullscreen,
Also audio is now usinf thread mode so no more stuttering.
If you play using the appdata of previous release of the game (V1), please delete the acsetup.cfg in the appdata/pixelhasyou1/ directory, otherwise AGS will use the old settings and runs slow.

A big thank you to AfaOne of forum for the news.

Enjoy and...long live the Amiga. :cool:

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Heh, I saw that first image with the classic blue sky and sand chrome look (but shown through a lens in this case) and thought 'Amiga'. That was pretty much confirmed by the second image, when I scrolled down to see it!
Yes the Spadoni bros are Amiga the father (AfaOne). They added an Amiga tribute in every game they created.
If someone is interested to play their other games, i could package them all.
I gave it a spin, and it's weird. The interface is cryptic. And you can scroll through the actions by using right-click, or pressing keys "W"alk, "U"se, "T"alk, "L"ook.
The graphics are awesome. The sound is minimal. The rooms feel empty, because there is not much to do; you can not interact with things that do not have a plot purpose; which is a shame.
You also go back through a door if you try to see if there is something you can interact with on a wall.
I got like 4 keys and I do not know what to do with them. I'll try locked doors.

Green tentacle wants plastic fruit and fruit juice to let you pass
The carnivoruous plant drinks pepsi.

Thanks Farox! But I'm kinda stuck now. No idea how to save...
Sound should not be minimal, judging by this platythough, presumably on PC or something. I looks to me like it contains spoilers, so beware but if you need ideas to inspire you it might not be too bad:
It's a point and click game, at least at the start, and that means you need to search the screen using your mouse to find anything you can interact with. Non-interactable things being unclickable is pretty much normal in that scheme of things.