The Craigix Avatar Thread


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Oct 29, 2007
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** Only post here if you have a variation of Craig's avatar...or if you are Craig, I guess **

I know this is probably the dumbest thread ever but I really, really want to see how many variations there are to this now and it'd be sweet if they were all in the same place.

I hope this hasn't been done before. I did some searching and didn't find anything.

@Chip - I did see the the original conversation about this and know I'm not the first to realize it. I just went through each page and did find a lot more than I thought were there though. There's also a lot of broken links which may have been more at one point in time.
@daclassicgamer - Missed the point but never mind now. I'm opening this up for anyone to post in now and will just add new avatars if there are anymore.
@PeterR - Yeah, you got it (as did a couple of others)! :)
@Username - Not trying to get anyone to change their avatar. I actually wish that less people had it. You don't know how many times (actually you probably do) that I caught that out of the corner fo my eye and went "Oh, Craig posted. I wonder if it's something importa...crap, that's not Craig!".
@Everyone - I was actually looking for just a thread with one post each from anyone who has a variation of Craig's avatar and nothing else. No need for reflection; no conversations or replies; just a group of avatars from the people who photoshopped Craig's. Sorry for any confusion.

Slight change of direction. I compiled all of the one's that I know about here:


And here's an animated GIF that I couldn't quite get small enough to make my avatar:


Go ahead and post whatever in here now. I'll just add new ones to the collage as we go. Thanks everyone.
Slight change of direction. I'm just going to keep compiling any new ones that come in.
PlopperZ said:

The Chad one I made a while back.
o god i lol'd

I should get around to making one. I did it before but never used it.
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