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c0ncept posted on Oct 19 2005 at 07:27 PM said:
deadlychicken22 posted on Oct 18 2005 at 11:23 PM said:
Jeffery Mewtamer posted on Oct 17 2005 at 02:28 PM said:
The American Government is almost doing a repeat of the holocaust, except against Muslims instead of Jews.
?! :huh: !?

I believe that some things the US has done are a bit extreme, but attempting to compare it to the holocaust is ridiculous.

agreed. However for a supposedly civilized and benevolent country which is only interested in peace (*snigger*), guantanamo bay is a fucking disgrace.

Indeed, as are a lot of other things we've done... Maybe if you combine all the stupid shit we've done since this country was started, it would compare to the holocaust, but not the shit we're doing in Iraq now, not even close. And as far as the "end of the world" is concerned, does it really matter when it happens? Technically the world will never cease to exist, because the world is made up of matter, which can't be destroyed... it can only be changed into other things. So every single piece of matter that exists today will always exist forever, no matter what. So it will never end. Whether or not the Earth will remain intact as it is today, though, is a different story. But the thing is... if anything powerful enough to destroy the entire planet and wipe out all life on it actually occurs, you won't be able to stop it anyway, so what's the point in speculating or worrying about it? Unless you're friggin' Goku, you won't be doing a damn thing about it...
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Oct 20, 2005
I like ranting so I thought I'd join in.

The American Government is almost doing a repeat of the holocaust, except against Muslims instead of Jews.
This guy here is a nut, while anti-americanism is as constant as the 4 seasons, this goes too far. The Holocaust is a unique event in which 6 million Jews were murdered AND another 5 million bolsheviks, homosexuals, gypsies etc. If you compared it to one of the myriad genecides committed in communist states over the last century (cambodia, china, USSR etc) it would be fair, but the USA, no way.

Considering the recent vote on the Iraqi constitution, which was made possible due to the american led invasion, how people can believe that the war is against muslims is bizarre, same applies to Afghanistan and kosovo.

On the end of the world, i guarantee its sometime in the future, more important though is that earth's day will be 48 days long in a while...crazyness