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I'm 31, I don't really have any hangups about that even though I was told that there's supposed to be a crisis of the thirties of some sort. Oh well, I'm a late bloomer anyway.
33 here, although sometimes (i admit) I act like a 12 year old, but physically I feel like I'm in my 50's!

First computer was a Sharp MZ-700 (absolute classic), then a 286, 386, Amiga 500, Amiga 600, 486, Pentium 75 ;) XBOX, PS2, Pentium Pro II, GC, 360, new some type of quad core PC ... and then I went backwards and have picked up a NES, SNES, PS1, MS, Mega Drive etc etc etc (not including all the handhelds). I feel like I have grown up with great systems and am now regressing :) Happy to be that way though!
My first computer was a c64, my mum actually offered to buy the then brand new amiga when we were in the shop, but I didn't want it 'cause my friends didn't have one (yet). After that I was gaming on friends amigas mostly, until my dad started bringing home pc's, first early laptops with 1200 bps modems (he works for the telecoms company), then an official work machine which of course went to my room. It was a 386sx/25mhz with a 2400bps modem, I racked up phone bills at the time by being a fidonet active and phoning bbs's in general. A bit later the first free internet service showed up, freenet on telesampo, and I started frequenting that to play muds. My dad with his work mates eventually installed a call back line with a modem on it so 'they' (ended up being me hogging the line all the time) could use the telesampo service without costs. Anyway, I even tested linux back then (94) because the mud was hosted in helsinki university. After that I moved away from home and was without my own computer until 2000, only console I ever had was a psx I bought for my sister during the years I didn't have a computer.
My first computer was an Atari 800.

I still remember getting my first modem (300 baud "Apeface," cheap but worked fine) and getting password access to the files on a local trading BBS and downloading and uploading a game for the first time. Cool beans that was, back in the early 80's. :) And those Atari BBS ASCII animations really kicked ass.
Me reached 22 last month.

First my gaming platform was old soviet PC "Korvet"
Then PentiumI-II-IV(powers of two, holy ages of endless homebrew). Then Gp2x, and last year - NintendoDS lite
Third-last category over here. Finally starting to find out for myself about the inverse relationship between age and free time ;)
Fifteen, still. (16 on the 22nd)

Also, hi (naw)mcx, long time no talk. You young'un.

EDIT: I've been here for almost three years! I was 13 when I joined. How things have changed :(
I'll be turning 30 in just 5 months. I'm not looking forward to it, but seeing all these cool people on the forums being 30+ has honestly helped alleviate some of the anxiety. B)

My first computer was a Packard Bell :lol: 316SXII. It was, as the model name suggests, a 386SX-16 with 2MB of RAM. As it was technically the family computer, I eventualy wanted one of my own. I really wanted an Amiga, but was unable to find one. That's when my grandma retired and sold me her Compaq 286. At a blazing 12MHz, it was considerably slower than the Packard Bell, but having my own computer at 14 was pretty awesome. ;)
I'm 18 in january, so far away but i think my liver appreciates it :lol: but i'll show it whose body this is :p

EDIT: The first computer i had was a windows 95 machine, man that brings back memory's; Freddie the Fish, Duke Nukem 3d :D