Tegra 4 looks interesting.


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Oct 3, 2008

There isn't a lot of information on it yet. What was revealed in the article shows some pretty good P2 possibilities. I particularly like seeing it's USB 3.0 and hot-rod video performance.

I wonder if that on board 70 core GeForce video system can do OpenGL - and if there will be full drivers or not.

I like the direction ARM SoC chips are going in though.
That slide is not confirmed, you shouldn't take it as fact yet. Some on beyond3d find it dubious, and I'm personally skeptical because it'd be a lot harder (if even possible) for nVidia to pull off their companion core in a Cortex-A15 cluster.

Anyway, the way nVidia uses the term "core" for Tegra is out of alignment with how everyone else in the industry uses it. It merely refers to an ALU lane. If IMG used the term this way an SGX554MP4 like in Apple's A6X would be something like 64 core instead of 4 core.

As for the other stuff, everyone's doing USB 3 now and a lot of companies are pushing > 1080p decode now too, but is that really important when there's no content and not even a lot of displays to handle it?
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Well, I like the USB 3 as an option, but I agree with Exophase. With so few hardware that actually take advantage of the speed (mostly external SSDs) I wouldn't think it would be within the scope of the Open Pandora. I do think that 1080p would be good (720p minimum) but anything more than 1080p is just a plain waste of resources on a 5 inch screen. All that said, I'd love to see a Tegera 4 in the P2, but I doubt that they will sell those in small quantities until later in 2013 - early 2014
I'm not taking anything as fact - this is a speculation and dreamer's forum (P2 spam).

I don't see the capability of doing beyond 1080p to be a detriment. It just means that it will do 1080p without great effort.

If that thing can do what it looks like from that slide - it portends to very graphics capable net books and, yes, would make a great potential SoC for a P2 if proper drivers and support can be found.

With the way NVIDIA and Ubuntu have been collaborating lately, I would expect Linux drivers for the hardware - likely proprietary non-open drivers, but drivers...

We'll see. I like the way it sounds though.