tapatalk plug-in broken


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Oct 3, 2008
Fort Knox, KY. USA
I'm able to log in, view, respond to topics and pm other users... however it doesn't track forum view history. I see "new" posts as posts I've already read within the tapatalk app. Previous read forum posts from a desktop come up fine as read.

Another issue is when editing posts I get weird formatting errors for line breaks etc.

The forum I run recently got an update for tapatalk that fixed this but i'm using a different forum software (SMF). Not sure if there's one for IP board or not.

Might not be the highest of priorities, but it's not functioning correctly. Confirmed this on a couple of devices and various versions of tapatalk.

I'm posting this here instead of the off topic because I think I remember you being the webmaster
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Finally found time to upgrade the plugin to the latest version.

Should work properly again now :)

Edit: yup fixed

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I know this sounds a little stupid, but would you be so kind to deactivate the "sent from ..." advertisement in your Tapatalk application ?