4Th Batch Of Caanoo With More Than Just A 4Gb Sd Card Taking Pre-Order

Jul 30, 2010
4th batch of Caanoo with more then just a 4gb SD Card taking Pre-Orders now.....

Here we go taking pre-orders for this wonderful semi new portable gaming console with 4GB SDHC card and games installed it will be released Feb 21st, 2011 so don't wait...

Pre-order your today to guarntee your one of the first ones to be in on the fun!!!!

Remember this is a Pre-Order so the items will only ship once we get them in stock we will only take pre-orders till 8PM Central time Feb 17th, 2011

Best part is the price stays the same no drastic markup so your are basically getting the 4GB SDHC card and games free.....

The unit now comes with a 4GB SDHC Memory card with the following Games:

PGM (Sport Simulation)

Propis (Puzzle)

Rhythmos 10 songs (Rhythm Action)

Deicide 3 (RPG)

Redemption (RPG)

15 Arcade Games titles below:

Hell Fire, Truxton, Truxton II, Tiger-Heli,Twin Cobra, Zero Wing,Flying Shark, Twin Hawk,Out Zone,Snow Bros II,Slap Fight,
Pipis and BiBis, Get Star, Puzsion, Demons World.
DingooDigitalUSA said:
Deicide 3 (RPG)

I wonder if they fixed the controls in Deicide 3, when I bought the game, the action sequences were unplayable, the controls simply didn't work, it was impossible to steer the crosshair. I contacted the customer service, but every reply I got, was sent in korean letters and arrived at my mail box totally screwed up, so I couldn't even use a machine translation. *sigh*
Maybe I will download it again, but this takes so long and you have to play almost an hour to get to the first action sequence.
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