Release Stunt Car Remake

Work in progress on the flame anim, 3 frames, will finalize it now.
Here they are on one side, just like the wheel, it should be flipped to cover the other side.

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And here are the flame files, 3 images.
Is there anything more?


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Also, I can get the engine part split from the cockpit and chassi, maybe that way one can "shake" the engine as turbo hits in?
Just an idea, don´t know if practical.
Yes the increased resolution helps match the in-game visuals better I think, and in terms of basic geometry it's still in the spirit of the original. I still think the original graphics have at least a third of the wheel off the bottom of the screen, as I'm reading them mind you.
I thought about doing a complete new type of cockpit, something in line with the graphics but away from the original, something VERY low poly.
The game has 3d for the tracks and the enemy racer, the background and enemy´s wheels are flat polygons, so I thought about doing a cockpit that would be inline with that Tesla enemy car, including the flat wheels but adding a little highlight to cause speed.
For a serious overclock? For sure! :D
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Tell you what... now I keep seeing a dragon ball power explosion on those flames... must have been an unconscious deed. :)
Thanks for all those textures. I'll work on that later. I need to create the HD atlas and compose it, integrate into the pyra version, and add some shadows... I probably wont have time this week.