Stolen Riff?

Jan 12, 2005
Peterborough England
I can remember hearing this song on the radio a couple of years ago and thinking that the music sounded fimiliar then i heard it again today and realised that the riff is VERY smiliar to that from the music on DOOM level e1m4.

So is it just me that thinks they stole it? Or maybe my hearing is buggered. Ive sreached the internet and not found anyone else talking about it.

Just thought you gys might be interested.

This is Maximo Park - Our Velocity, which reached #9 in the uk singles chart in 2007

And this is the music from level E1M4 of doom

Well I didn't bother to check the links (srsly there's a link button), but it's standard practice or so it seems to ripoff older songs for small bits here and there. Or so it seems, not that I listen to pop music that much.
I honestly couldn't see the connection. The overall beat was similar, but the melody (what there was of one) wasn't even close.

It's a totally common practise. It's how a lot of rock n roll bands in the 50's/60's used to write their tunes. I remember when I was reading the Beatles Anthology they talked about how Paul and John (I think) used to go to each others houses to learn the latest chords/etc coming over from the states.
This is absolutely nothing compared to the thievery of Timbaland of "Acid Jazzed Evening". I'm sure you've heard of it but if you haven't and live in a cave check it out
Yes, I live in a cave = never heard of timbaland before. (I do my best to avoid all commercial media)

But the case itself seems quite bad, especially since it involves one of the locals. Probably a friend of a friend since I know some of the sceners from here. Listening to the sid tune now actually.
Of course there are loads of songs that use the same four chords. Most songs are built up around I, IV and V of any scale, and there aren't that many scales to pick from, particularly easy ones.
Scotty doesn't know.

So don't tell Scotty.
The chords to Pachebel's Canon in D are used in quite a few songs, too.
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Senor Quack said:
This is absolutely nothing compared to the thievery of Timbaland of "Acid Jazzed Evening".

Yeah, and isn't it funny that "Acid Jazzed Evening" has an identical melody to "Just The Two Of Us"?
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