Still Not Here, And Still Not The Most Powerful Handheld

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Mar 3, 2006
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Now, not only does the iPhone 3Gs beat the Pandora vaporware specs, but there's another open source handheld with more power.

It's called the ODROID, and it runs Android, and... one more thing, it's real - as in shipping to those who preordered... Unlike the Pandora.

ODROID Entertainment Device
Developer-focused portable game device
Samsung Cortex-A8 833Mhz ARM V7 SoC S5PC100
512MB DDR2 memory
3.5-inch capacitive touch screen display
720p HD video via HDMI output
WiFi, Bluetooth

Full hardware schematics
Full source code

You can lie and say the iPhone isn't a game system, but the Odroid is a game system.

Another year passes, another delay... Merry Christmas.
Looks like someone got disgruntled.

Hey, they join the party late, they leave early. Who cares?


Still Not Here, Still Not The most Powerful Handheld, Still Don't Like Chad Very Much

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Maybe you #6; Need to burp.
Do you really have to post here JUST to stir shit up? There are two topics about Odroid. Two topics. If you spent a little time looking instead of just shooting your mouth off constantly desperate to prove a point and win an argument then you may have noticed this.

Geez, you could have at least waited until Odroid was actually out.

By the way, no one really knows what video hardware this has, but I think there's evidence that it is NOT an SGX and is actually inferior to one. The CPU is inarguably better than Pandora's, but in terms of raw computational power it doesn't beat Pandora's CPU + DSP combined. When it comes down to it and people get to make a choice I would be very surprised if this thing's controls trumps Pandora's, but I guess we'll have to see.

But yeah, the whole "world's most powerful handheld" line, gaming or otherwise, should have never been campaigned, if anything because of obnoxious people like you.
I wonder if the 77 preceding Chads had more insightful things to say...
Loonie said:
I wonder if the 77 preceding Chads had more insightful things to say...

I think the first 60 or so were screwing up the Florida 2000 election...
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This time lets close this thread before we move it to 'other consoles' ok? No point in adding it to the Odroid thread.
Oh hey! Chad's back! Finally I can stop relying on PoisonedV for my regular dosage of disgruntled snark.
I think I can say with a reasonable level of objectivity that this thing looks shit.

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welcome back! :)

EDIT: I will also add that if we have lost the title of "most powerful", so be it. It's been a year since we planned to ship. It isn't like you can stay on top forever when the time line changes, but the hardware doesn't. Time moves forward and technology does too. Let's aim for "most well supported by a coding community". A device is only as good as the software that runs on it. Pandora will be right up there with the best with only those marginal 'on paper' spec differences for a while still.

Also, the 3D unit in the Odroid is only about 75% the capability of OMAP3 but I bet in the real world of how people like us will use it, you'd never even notice the difference. The total experience is still a level playing field technology wise and in all practicality. Our game controls hopefully still put us on top for some people. People who visit this forum anyway.
The whole HDMI out thing is pretty awesome. Now you just need to overcome the terrible controls and how it's completely unfit for homebrew games since it's running Android, which, correct me if I'm wrong, only allows pseudo-java bytecode apps.
EDIT: By homebrew I mean the tonnes of already existing linux software
What is that, like half a second of lag on the HDMI out? That looks absolutely useless for games. I bet the guy isn't holding up the Odroid like that for video purposes but so he can actually get a real time view of what's happening.
With HDMI out I was upset when the Pandora wasn't speced to have it but now I'm ok with it because I can't hook it up to my computer monitor anyway, it's 1080p, 720p is very limiting. I know that most HDTVs are 720p but for computer monitors your kinda in the dark, at least with nicer ones. Also, 720p is really quite small for computer use.

Pandora2 will use the OMAP4 chip which will have 1080p and everything below that. I can wait for something to spit out 1080p before I get excited about HDMI out.

EDIT: But yeah, close this thread and DON'T COMBINE IT TO ANY ODROID THREAD!
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