Android Based Handheld Game?

fusion_power said:
Exophase said:
craigix said:
It was never the end of 2007. We aimed to have the first prototype units for Spring 2008.

I think we revealed the initial planned design in January 2008.

Fortunately for you the forums currently only return 200 results and it's not an easy thing to search for so I you'll have to wait for me to show you the posts I'm talking about.

EDIT: Okay, here it is.
I like this one the most:
craigix said:
We are also trying to keep everything nice and simple in the way it works.
At the End, it really was a bit more complex than everyone expected, right? ;)

My favourite was this bit:

"Yes we have some software from the GP2X running and yes the system will still run Linux."

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