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Im quite pissed:
The whole world sits at home, sports in teams are forbidden for normal mortals, whe have home shooling, home office, and everything, shutdown, closed borders, but our imortal German Football Stars (Soccer) , fly to Dubai for Training, and if someone of them gets Corona, he will fly home and the Ensurence pays ...
Why not play Fifa on the PSX Emulator on the Pyra?
FWIW, in British English the term is 'pissed off'. We reserve 'pissed' for moments when you're too drunk for intelligible speech. Since coming on to the internet, I now stop and think 'do they really mean they've had one too many for the road, or are they annoyed', but for some of us Britshers reading it's more of an inconvenience.

But yeah, it is a little odd that professional sports players are allowed to go to work, and fly all over the world, and not self isolate properly so they still get coronavirus.
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Ok, maybe its a too free translation from "angepisst" , Or they make still Soccer Games to keep the peaple sativied, and keep them from revolutions
like in the old Rome, Bread and Games
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Yeah, I think that's the justification, but when the people participating are too dumb not to catch the disease themselves, you have to ask if they couldn't have sent anyone with any more sense. But I guess common sense isn't a feature that many sports people find affects their pay grade.
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Well, whe wherend that good at Sports in the Shool, actually i have a Score of 6 in the Old German Shoolsystem in Sports (the worst you can get)..
And i am from a Runners Dynastie (My Grandpa, Grand Uncle (the Brother of my Grandpa), and my Dad went to a lots of Marathons in the 60 70 80thes, my Grand Uncle even in New York, when i was running, then about 6 km per hour, max 12 km..
Who knows, whitout my fear for the ball, and whit a Football Club instead of the Boy Scouts, maybe i would be today on the Plan to Dubai.., or i wear now Manager, and would have the right to let them train in a Camp in Bavaria or something..
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There’s a concern here in America that baseball defenses have gotten too good. Hits are down, strikeouts are up, and we’ve already had six no-hitters less than a third of the way through the season. The record is seven no-hitters in a season, IIRC.

Really though, my enjoyment of baseball mostly hinges on how the Cubs are doing, regardless of the state of the game itself. If they win the World Series this year, I’m gonna start a petition for an extra outfielder.
Well, the Cubs ended up having a bad year. I came into this thread to talk football though.

The Carolina Panthers are three-and-oh. To retain their perfect record this week though, they’ll have to make it through a decent team, the Cowboys, all without their main runningback, Christian McCaffrey. It’s a tall order, but good teams find a way.
I hooked up a digital antenna and am watching the World Series. It’s a good one too. The Braves are trying to bring back the nineties, and I approve.
Thought I'd let you guys know that the Carolina Panthers are bringing back Cam Newton. Just in time to get crushed by Arizona too. I guess the owner wants to remind people why we got rid of him in the first place.
A sports event that even I'm interested in:

My dad and sister came over to watch the Panthers game, since they needed to take me to get a new phone anyway. Surprisingly, the Panthers dominated the Cards. Not to mention, all three other teams in the NFC South lost this week. FiveThirtyEight says the Panthers chances of making the playoffs just went up from 8% to 36%. Feels good, man.

The best part will be seeing that clip of Cam Newton shouting "I'm back!" all week.
Well, the NFL playoffs have started, and Tom Brady is in them.

Yes, 2022 still has the potential to be worse than 2021. I hear every time Tom Brady wins a Super Bowl, the pandemic lasts another year.
Tom Brady is out of the playoffs. 2022 is shaping up to be a good year after all.
Tom Brady is reportedly retiring from the NFL. Final ring count: seven. Now you have something to shoot for, Patrick Mahomes.
Super Bowl is today, and it might just be the warmest Super Bowl ever. Temperature is expected to be 84 degrees Fahrenheit at kickoff, which would tie the record. Bah, California.