Sporty Sporting Sports Thread

Opinions on the World Cup?

Clearly, we’re looking at a Croatia versus Morocco final this time. Just another boring World Cup. *yawn*
Tom Brady secured his ticket to the NFL playoffs on January 1st, meaning the year is already off to a bad start. I assume it’s only going to get worse, with Tom Brady appearing in yet another Super Bowl. The man gave up his family just to keep annoying football fans; I doubt he can be stopped.
Hey everybody, I don’t know if you pray or not, but Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin could use some. He’s still in critical condition after receiving one of the worst NFL injuries ever Monday night. Just something to think about.
Damar Hamlin woke up a few hours ago. He asked in writing who won the game. He must be a little disappointed that they cancelled it.
Do political disputes in the US House of Representatives count as sports, because we got a major loser.
If it doesn't prominently feature balls, then it may count as a sport I'd be more interested in.

An AI kitten called Mittens has been making waves in the chess scene right now.