Someone please make this mechanical keyboard


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May 4, 2016
I want a mechanical keyboard with keys similar to the green switches but much harder to press. Someone make this please?


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Dec 14, 2012
Short answer:

Cherry mx linear Grey (still in production) at around 80g actuation and then there are two discontinued switches, the cherry mx "space black" with 100-120g and the cherry mx super black with 150g linear
Not that hard to find, but not guaranteed that all keys work evenly, as you buy second hand.

A little bit of background information goes a long way:

This is a Cherry MX Green switch Actuation Force: 80g

There are 3 types of keys:
  1. Linear. The keystroke is consistent and smooth.
  2. Tactile. A bump in the middle of travel, usually around the actuation point.
  3. Clicky. A bump in the middle of travel accompanied by a sharp “click” sound.

From this article 2013

The greens' 105 g bottom-out force, meanwhile, is far above that of other offerings, even the old IBM Model M.
For reference, the actuation graph in IBM's buckling spring patent suggests the Model M requires around 70 g of force for actuation and 80 g to bottom out.
However, the Green is marketed as being a 80g, see this list (with virtually all bigbrand keyboard switches, except Zelio which maxes out at 78g)

here are animated gifs of the innner workings

here is a graph with their travel vs resistance (in cN, centi Newton I presume)

other links: reddit (list with actuation force)

Or better: find the right keys (type, for example, "Actuation Force: 90g" into google), then do it yourself (very fun page about keyboard fanatics)

Anything above 100g actually shows Ergonometrics and medical problems. As is: Why do you want a keyboard that is so hard?

And experiment: buy pens with hard springs, replace them in your keyboard... test... (put a small wooden block and coins on top on the key until it clicks, weigh the contraption on a digital food scale... not precise, but cheap)
[doublepost=1505199497,1505198746][/doublepost]That reminds me: I need to repair my keyboard...


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Feb 28, 2014
I don't think this is in the right section.

I haven't tried any all green keyboards, but blue clones I have tried are definitely a bit soft. I considered looking for a green one for a while, but I couldn't find any locally to try out to see how they felt. I strongly offer something tactile, so those grey switches wouldn't work for me, and I wouldn't want to go much higher than the Unicomp Model M that I currently use, which feels prefect to me, although I do have concerns about what sort of damage I am doing (I have enough wear and tear on my body I am dealing with, so I don't want to not be able to type on top of everything else). I really want to get a Model F, probably more for nerdy irrelevant reasons than to preserve my typing ability (although in all the ways I have heard the Unicomp and other late Model Ms are inferior to the early IBM ones, I think actuation force being a bit lighter was one, but that could have just been someone trying to justify to themself why they needed to stick with the good old ones instead of a new one).

Even if they weren't linear I think I would stay away from the space black and especially the super black, not because of long term damage, but because they don't seem like they would be good for a whole keyboard (but some might say the same of greens). It just sounds exhausting to me to try to type on those. If you do throw a bunch of them together in a keyboard I, and probably many others, would like to see the results, preferably in a video, and hear about your thoughts on using it.

@FBnil, I have seen most of your links before, and I still enjoy reading and watching them. Mostly the watching. You need this picture:



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Oct 3, 2008
Quiet, you! After my post above I spent hours looking at keyboard stuff. I really want one of the newly manufactured Model Fs now.
If they made a full or TKL one with a complete set of keys - maybe. Those versions they list on the new Fs website are all pretty compromised layouts. I get it - they're minimizing the mechanism count per keyboard - but at those prices, put in the other ~20 keys and do it right.


Oct 3, 2015
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I've gotten to try some MX Greens and I personally really liked them. The greens took some force to push, but the stronger springs help lift your fingers back up from the actuation point. For the record I didn't get to try it out for a long period of time though.
My everyday keyboard uses MX Blues, and I've been enjoying those.