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Jan 3, 2006
Southampton, UK
hi. although this is post 1 for me, ive had a gp32 for ages and im pretty sure i used to post here but the account was autocleaned or i just forgot the login info. my gp2x should be arriving tomorrow (i hope) so id like to get started as soon as possible.

got a few questions:

what fw version would people recommend? if it comes with 1.0.1 on it, can i just leave it with that (dont wanna brick it if i dont have to take the chance), or are there many apps which currently require 1.1.0?

can the gp2x format an sd card on its own or will i need a card reader in order to do this? (yea i know i should have a card reader anyway, but first i gotta sell this pos psp)

will screwing with the joystick void the warranty, or can i pull it off and replace it with another one and still keep the guarantee? id replace the original before sending it back of course.

has anyone used their console near a freeview (digital terrestrial tv, uk in this case) box and does it cause noticeable interference? the psp totall screws up my freeview if theres just air between the tuner and the console, but i reckon that could be the hyperactive umd motor.

is it easy to hit the volume buttons when playing games or is the stick far enough away that the fleshy bit of your thumb doesnt hit them? i have quite big hands so i might increase the resistance if anyone else has had trouble.

thanks for takin the time to read this :)
Hi capnhack,

I'm a newbie who's having problems. Just thought I'd let you know that you should recieve a card reader with your GP2X. At least I did so I would imagine everyone else will as well. You should also recieve a USB cable too (which I can't get any of my pc's USB 2.0's to register atall - hope you do better). From what I hear (so far at least) you will more than likely be needing to use your card reader.

can anyone else confirm they recieved a card reader with their unit? i ordered from gbax with the 1gig card added on.
i dont know whether to buy one or not before it arrives
I sure didnt get one.

Edit: sorry didnt answer your other questions,

1: i PERSONALLY am not going to update until there is a massive reason to, as ive had bad experiences. My first unit got bricked due to faulty SD card (you'll know if your SD is faulty, mine didnt show up on my computer, crashed my digi cam and also my phone :p)

2: No the gp2x can't format the card for you, you will have to do that manually

3: Not sure witht the thumbstick, sorry.

4: My unit didn't interfere with my freeview box.

5: The volume buttons are easy to hit, although im not TOO keen on th rocker, but its fine really, im just a bit picky :p

I hope i've been sme help, if not, ignore me :), cheers,

ooh a reader would be a nice addition. i also got it from gbax with the 1gig card.

i have both a mac and a pc and the mac has usb1 and usb2 ports on it, with the pc only having usb2. when it arrives ill test compatibility and post here :)
If you didn't get a flash card reader/writer, just email the customer info address from their website, I sent them an email and they give you two options, send them a SASE (good if you are in the UK I suppose), or send them 4 pounds via paypal. The latter was much easier for me here in the states. Make sure to reference your order number either way.
I got a USB2.0 card reader with my 1gig card... didnt try to update the firmware either, just not confident enough with it and most things run fine with it. DRMDx the mega-drive/genesis emulator runs great, or did until my unit died for no good reason :(. The snes emulator is slow, but its an early version and proves concept. Oh and if (like me) you love Sam and Max and Full Throttle and other SCUMM based games, then get the GP2x SCUMM emu too, cus thats fantastic!
And all these things work with 1.0.1 which i was/am running.
ok its here. i got a card reader with it, tiny little usb stick thing which you slide the card into the side of. if you use a laptop or the back of your comp is a mess of cables there may not be space for the reader with a card in it. also, summat weird was going on with the transfer speed. it seemed to vary wildly but was generally faster on large files than small ones (could be the sd card i suppose).

the usb link works in the back of my mac but not in the front of it or on my pc, so i suspect its a bus power problem. if youve had trouble try running it through a powered hub and it should work better.

thanks for your responses :)