Some Questions From Someone Without Gp2x


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Jun 12, 2006
hello, I have some questions about the system before I buy it that I havent seen answered anywhere on this site.

1.If I order it from, it should be the latest version, right?
2.Is a flash reader necessary to transfer my files from the computer to the memory card?
3.I've read that it's not a good idea to recharge your batteries until the power is completely out. If the battery goes out while you're playing, will it restore what you were doing when you put charged batteries back in (like the psp does)?
4.What does the cd that comes with the system include?
5.How do I know if the card I'm buying is compatible with 2.0 (A-DATA 2gb)?
1. Yes
2. No, but it makes life a lot easier
3. No
4. A bunch of emus and freeware games likely ... nothing you can't get at the file archive anyway
5. It should work ... card compatability is pretty much a non-issue now
I got a cd with my mk2, from Play-Asia. Haven't looked on it though.
I'm using a noname 2 GB card in mine with no troubles.
The CD included with Play-Asia just has a manual/startup guide on it, so it's different than the one being mentioned. Not that it matters too much, since they don't have exclusive content on them.
I've heard that Craigix is the only one giving away CD's with orders. Besides, as TelcoLou says above, everything you need is available in the file archive here.

Not only craig, you'll also get an actual snapshot from the archive on CD with all the gp2x I send out.
(well, only part of it, Development, Skins and some Misc stuff not included, as it won't all fit on a CD ;))

But nothing special, only stuff that is available on the archive anyways :)
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Not wanting to hijack the thread but as it is about retail, are there deffo only MK2 available from this point onwards ?

I just don't like the reports of the screen, and as well as trying to find a replacement screen for the first 2X i bought (like questing for the grail!) i am going to also buy another new unit as well