Some Noob Questions


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Dec 28, 2007
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Is the f200 dpad do much better than the f100 stick? Cause i like stiks more but touchscreen would be nice aswell^^
but well i could get a new f100 for 30 $ less than f200, so the question is the dpad and touchscreen worth 30 $?

Is there anyway to play LUA games on gp2x? Cause it would be aweseome to play AniMayhem from the psp. I just have seen some amazing screenshots of this game.

Someone of the Spain people here maybe know if Headoverheels is continuing the work on pocketsnes? Or maybe suide is continuing the work on suidsnes?

And the last Question is, is Exophase or zodttd continuing the work on GPSp?

for the gpsp and snes questions i only found pretty old statements.

Please dont be mad for asking some questions that propably where asked before, but i also got some questions i couldnt find an answer for.^^°

sorry for my poor english-_-
Firstly, welcome :)

The stick on the F100 is a bit crappy, to be honest. Its not an analogue stick either, just an 8 way digital stick. In other words its a dpad with a big dead zone. The dpad on the F200 is also of questionable quality, so the only real difference between the 2 control systems is the addition of a touch screen.

Lua is not fully ported to the GP2X, so the answer to your second question is, no.

I am not sure about the answer to the 3rd question, but the last update to pocketsnes was 15th December, which would indicate someone is working on it :)

Gpsp is in a pretty good state on the gp2x, most games run well. I do not know if Exophase is going to update it, only he himself does :) Zodttd is working on the iPhone port, and of course psx4all.

I have seen worse English out of English people, so no need to apologise :)