Pokeparadox Plays The Wii, With Videos, The Bastard!


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May 10, 2006
PokeParadox plays the Wii, with videos, the bastard!

The video clips are faster than a rooster can impregnate a hen (I grew up on a ranch, that stuff happens fast) but they do show Pokeparadox waving the Wiimote around and the crowd.

The photos are cool too. He's certainly dedicated to wait in line for a few minutes with it.

Anyway I thought it was cool and you guys know I love linking :p
^_^;; Enjoy the photos and videos! Actually I got told off for my photography today. Luckily I was only asked to put my camera away... Which I was already doing when the silly woman told me...

The video clips are quite short because they were taken on my digicam, I only have 128MB of xD space... not to mention my batteries were running low... I couldn't/can't find my battery charger either...

EDIT: It's worth noting it was not the Wii booth people that asked me to stop photographing... but rather the Shopping Centre Security.
Dont anyone take this the wrong way, but the wii is set up with playable demos and stuff in many gamestores already ;). I played it 3 time (believe it or not, there was barely a line). I think I played excitebike at some point......
Don't take this the wrong way but I'm in the UK and this tour is happening before the UK launch of Dec 8th.
And NO it's not setup in our games shops already. atm this Nintendo tour is the only way to play a Wii if you live in the UK.
Uhh, lets just not get into a discussion about the merits of the Wii. If you want to talk here, in this thread, please do so because the whole shebang already interests you. If you've got moola and love the PS3 (I do, but I have no moola and 4 kids), please don't add here.

Classic has a point (His point is "There are places to try it out, what's so special about the videos?") if you live in the U.S. But PokeParadox DOESN'T. Leave it to Americans to think we're the center of the world ;)
...um, no? Of course it's misinterpreted ;)

Poke, good for you. You werent the one who posted it here, you posted it on your private site/blog/whatever. Im sure you're thrilled, and i understand :)

My point was, why would david post "Pokeparadox Plays The Wii, With Videos, The Bastard!" HERE.

I played the ps3 yesterday. Let's all make a thread about me playing it because everyone else is in a shell and cant!

What I managed to play was great. There were two people in front of us that were really messing up aiming with the Wiimote... They were aiming all over the place. >_>
But yeah I'm certainly glad I preordered now!
Goddamit! WHY do i have to live in the ass end of the canadian rockies? The nearest Future shop or EB, or major effing shopping centre, is almost 4 HOURS AWAY :angry: "Hey guys, you wanna take a day trip so that we can play the Wii?" Yeah, thats really gonna fly <_<