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Mar 14, 2004
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Is it just me or is snes emulation on PSP... well.... crappy? I'm currently using snes9xtyl, and most games I've tried run very slow; seems that the only games that run properly are the ones with speed hacks (and I've only found a few with these integrated).

I don't get it... full speed neo-geo and gba, but the snes is comparable to that of the gp32's in some cases. Am I doing something wrong? o_O
I have the same experience.

It depends on the particular game though. Obviously games that utilize special chips will not be full speed.

Though I would not go so far as to categorize it as slow. Just don't expect a rock-steady 60fps at fs0.

I presume you have already raised the clockspeed to 333MHz?
I saw FF6 fullspeed on a PSP, about 6 months ago! But on the other side, when the same guy showed me Chrono Trigger, it was slow!
GP2X is the opposite :ph34r:
It don't know about SNES emus nowadays
There was already a thread about this just a few topics down :p

Try reducing the audio to 22kHz and using FS1 or FS2. I've managed to get Donkey Kong Country, which runs like crap for me on the GP2x, to a decent speed after fiddling with the settings.
I've been enjoying SNES emulation on the DS so far. The resolution is close enough that you can just center most games and not lose anything important, speed is very good (definitely beats the speed of most games on the GP2X-- e.g. Gundam Endless Duel runs at 50-60 FPS, on all GP2X SNES emulators it's closer to 1 FPS even with all the graphical layers turned off... can't speak for the PSP as I haven't owned one.) Graphical compatibility is mediocre though, and a lot of games look severely fucked up or require playing with the layer priority to make them look decent. I'm more concerned with gameplay than graphics though, so take that into consideration. It is dramatically more important for me that a game run close to 60 FPS than it is that it look perfect. Hence why I don't mind the scaled graphics mode either.
trooper posted on Dec 31 2006 at 07:01 PM said:

Which snes emulator are you using on the DS ?. I`m currently using snezzids-v0.28a with sound.

You really have to use all of them for the best experience, heh. Different ones are compatible graphically with different games. Since SnezziDS makes .nds files it's pretty easy to just make a SNES dir on your SD card full of game ROMs converted to emulator binaries. :) Then the ones that don't work in it, put in the same dir with the emulator that will run them, usually SNESDS.
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