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Jun 3, 2003
I've had my GP32 for over 8 months now but have never actually found the time to use GPengine or SMS32 (I know that sounds bad but I have very little time.) I will at last this weekend have a try them out. I was just wondering how well they run. Are there any games that run at full speed, and what games run on them (does Parodius run any good). Also what are the best games to try?

+are they still being worked on?

Thanx in Advance :)
Most games runs at full speed (for both emulators)
Parodius runs pretty well :)

Games to try on SMS:
Sonic 1, 2 and Chaos
Golden Axe Warrior (for Zelda-Fans)
Wonderboy III: Dragon's Trap
Defenders of Oasis (Game Gear)
Game Gear Shinobi

Devil's Crush
Bonk 1,2 and 3 (you have to change the country settings manual to get it working)
PCE -- galaga 90 (or 88 or whatever)
space harrier, afterburner, outrun (if you like those types)
and of course mystical magical Rtype (my favorite version!)

and most certainly blazing lazers when they fix it.. it crashes during 1st level riight now. also legendary axe is lots of fun (but sound needs fixing). tons of shooters for this system!!
R-Type 1&2
Tiger Road
Chase HQ
Bloody Wolf
Final Soldier
Bomberman 94
Genji Tsushin Agedama

You'll love this emu :)

Is that full speed with or without sound?
with sound ;)

both emulators are about 95% perfect - the only real flaws i can think of are:

1) SF2 CE & Ghouls'n'Ghosts not working on GPEngine
2) Lack of Save States in both emulators :( :( :( (a Save State system like Little John would be PERFECT!)

another than that, i can't complain at all!
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The SMS emulator does not run SMS games in full screen (it has a black frame around it), it does run GG games in full screen though!
Game gear works very well, since the games are designed for a small screen. The emulation is also more or less flawless. It has plenty of quite fantastic games, mortal kombat 3, virtua fighter etc